Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Best of 2015!

Well, it's that time again to reflect on all my purchases in the past year!  I think I'm pretty happy with most of the things I bought.  2015 was definitely the year that I started investing in more expensive brands, and bought less Lululemon lol.  I probably made the most purchases from Vince, which I just love so so much.  I also really love all my Louboutin shoes, even though it's a dangerous habit.  On the active wear side, I did buy Lululemon of course, but Nike has stepped it up for me more than in previous years.  Then there are a few random things from other brands.  But that about sums it up.  So here we go!

Vince!  I started buying their Leather Scuba Jackets last year and I continued adding to my collection!  Two Vince jackets I bought this year and have been wearing a lot are:

Boucle Scuba jacket with leather sleeves - Both the weight and color are perfect in this jacket.  It goes with everything, and pretty much all occasions.  I can't say enough good things about it.  Here are a couple different outfits with it:

This is my 4th Leather Scuba jacket from Vince, but I love the off white one I got this year.  All my other ones are dark colors, so this is the only light one.  It's such a nice color that goes with everything too.  It's a great lightweight spring leather jacket.

Aside from jackets, I also got a bunch of tops from Vince.  My favorite ones are:

My bf says this looks like a hospital gown lol, but I still love it anyways - the Crepe vest:

Last but not least, I love the Dempsey Boot.  I had been looking for a pair of gray tall boots forever and these do the trick!  They are comfy too!

Ok, moving away from Vince (can you tell how much I love it??) and onto another pair of boots that I absolutely adore - the Tory Burch Sarava boot!  The "red gate" color is so beautiful and I've been wearing them with everything lately.  Get glowing compliments every time I wear them (like literally people wanting to take them off of me LOL).  They are not as comfortable as the Vince boots above, but I can still walk a couple miles in them!

Since we are on the shoes topic, I might as well throw in my Louboutins here.  I love all of the styles I have now, but the Biancas are the best.  They are so beautifully made, and they are the most comfortable to wear even at 5 inches!

Ok, now back to clothes... some of my favorites both in terms of style and versatility are:

Bloomingdale cashmere sweaters that I got for SUPER cheap, and I wear them all the time to work and casually.  Here are all 3:

I also found a new jean brand that I love - Black Orchid.  I've got 2 pairs so far, and more on the way!  I find the material they use to be very soft and the fit is perfect for me.  Rise is not too low and not too high.  It just works for my body.  These Noah patch style is very unique too:

Next, my DvF Emma skirt.  I've worn this skirt so much!  It's amazing.  I need more DvF in my life.

Also found a new style of work pants that I have been wearing a lot - Express Columnist pant.  They fit tighter around the legs than the Editor pant that I used to wear, which gives an illusion of longer and leaner legs!  Who doesn't want that!

I've bought quite a few blouses for work this year, but my favorite is the one I got recently in 2 colors - the Banana Republic Chiffon Dot Layer Blouse which I am wearing in the above picture.  It's just such a nice fit and I love the double layered look.  Highly recommend this.  Here's the white one which shows details better:

Speaking of Banana Republic, I also really like the military inspired Trench Dress I got.  I've worn it a few times since getting it.  It's the perfect combo of casual and cute!

Another dress I love is the Helmut Lang Sonar Wool Twist Knot dress.  I first got it in black at the Helmut Lang sample sale, but I loved it so much that I then got the charcoal one on amazon!  I don't regret having 2 at all.

Annnd of course one of my best investments of all time is my Tadashi Shoji lace sheath dress.  It's perfect in every way.

Ok, last on my list of casual clothes that I love from this year is the BCBGeneration Wool Wrap coat.  I've been wearing it a lot lately since it got so cold in SoCal!

Ok now I will move onto the workout clothes category!  As I mentioned before, I have found quite a few items I love from Nike this year.  My bought a lot of workout crops this year, and my favorite pair is from Nike!  They are the Flash Tight... so unique looking!  And of course reflective too.

I do also love some of my Lululemon tights.  I think the best ones I got this year are the Wunder Under crop in animal swirl (love the material and fit!), the SE Roll Down wunder under crops in wee stripe silver spoon and Tight Stuff Tight ( both have a feminine and unique look!).

As for tops, I really like the Nike Pro Warm pullovers, both the Vixen one and the Nordic.  They are so cozy!

And of course I can't forget my Alo Rift LS.  It's the most amazing thing ever!  I have worn it nonstop since I got it (except when it was really hot here).

An oldie I got on eBay has made me very happy too - Lululemon Presta Packable Shirket!  I had regretted not getting it ever since I tried it on in the store, and I watched eBay forever.  Finally got it and love it so much!

Lastly, I didn't think I'd like it so much but I gotta mention my Lululemon Free To Be Wild bras!  I now have 5 and wear them a lot more than I thought I would.

Alright, almost at the end!  I wanted to also talk about accessories.  First, I think I have 5 Lululemon What'SUP Hats now!  They are very comfortable and big enough for my big head lol.

Next up, I also got 2 Burberry embossed check belts that I've been using like everyday!  So worth the money.

And lastly, purses!  I really love both my Rebecca Minkoff Love bag for the perfect size and versatile style, and my Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag for just being so cute and fitting absolutely everything.  =)

That was long!  Well, I think this is a complete list of everything I love from 2015.  I hope I didn't forget anything!  I can't even imagine being without many of these items.  I hope 2016 will be just as good.  Happy shopping everyone!  =)


  1. I love your blog! Thanks to your fab reviews I am now also addicted to Vince! Hope you have a wonder 2016!

    1. Haha welcome to the new addiction! Isn't it worth it though? =D =D =D

      Happy new year!

  2. I really love reading your blog! You have a great taste and the reviews are so helpful! :)

  3. You should do a worst of 2015 list too! Just for fun :-)

    1. I'd like to see that too!

    2. Haha I was thinking about that too. But the problem is that I usually return everything I don't like so I don't even remember them anymore. I'll have to go through my stuff and think. =)

  4. thanks (or no thanks! lol.) to your post I had to track down a pair of those Tory Burch Sarava boots. the red agate color is gorgeous! and I'm also a big fan of the Bianca. I'm attempting to scale down my Louboutins, but I can't seem to part with any of my Biancas!

    1. Haha I would never part with my Biancas either!! I'm adding more and more to my CL collection lol. I need to stoooop!

      Aren't the TB Sarava boots awesome?? I wore them again yesterday. I'm trying to get as many mileage out of them as possible, since our "winter" season is so short here. Glad you were able to track them down! They are totally worth it!! =)


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