Friday, November 20, 2015

Cold Weather Stuff :)

For my trip to Vancouver, I had to buy some jackets and shoes for the cold and rain.  Ok, I didn't *have* to, since I do have a lot of jackets that are sitting in my closet.  But I was at Nordstrom Rack and saw this cute BCBGeneration wool wrap coat and just had to have it!

Love the faux leather detailing on the sleeve:

Also looks cute worn open as well:

Now that it's getting colder in LA, this coat is coming in handy!  I'm super happy with it.  It keeps me warm without being too thick and heavy!  I think it was only like $100.  Such a good buy.  I got size S for reference.

I also needed a rain jacket, since it was forecasted to rain most of the time.  So I also got a water resistant jacket from Nordstrom Rack.  It is a Michael Kors asymmetrical trench jacket.  It's got this warm fleece kind of lining too.  Super cozy.  Only $85.  I can't find it anywhere online but Nordstrom currently has very similar styles on sale here and here.

I love the military inspired style.  Got size XS, it fits pretty roomy.

Hidden hood in the collar:

Inner lining here:

As you may have noticed, I also got some booties worn in the pics above.  They are Tory Burch Bristol booties.  They were only $199 at Nordstrom Rack but they only had size 5!  I normally wear size 6 but usually like to size up at least half a size in boots.  Surprisingly I could fit into them.  I really liked them too.  But after walking around in them for a bit at home, I had to return them.  They were just a little too tight.  Even size 5.5 would have been better.  I could tell that they would have been super comfortable and awesome!

So sad they didn't work for me!  I even had them do a check to see if other locations had it, but these were literally the only pair available.  If you guys somehow come in contact with them, you should get them!  

Lastly, I had to get rain boots of course!  I have one pair of rain boots that I got from Italy a few years ago.  But they are leopard print and I just can't wear them with everything.  Plus, I wanted a pair of rain boots with a little heel.  So I got some patent black Kate Spade Randi rainboots (sold out but the link has a good 360 degree view of them) from ebay.  

I got them in my size up, which is size 7.  I am glad I did because they actually fit rather tight in the calves (but very loose in the ankles).  I like the shape though.  They were perfect for my trip too.  Very cute and the color is obviously versatile.

The lining is hot pink inside and it is somewhat cozy.  Pretty thin though.  But of course better than unlined.  

However, I wanted it to be SUPER cozy, so I got the Hunter Boot Liner for kids from Zappos.  I got the kids version because 1. they are a lot cheaper than the adult version, and 2. the Kate Spade boots have a shorter shaft than Hunter rain boots so the adult version would have been too long.  Turns out, it was the perfect idea to get the kids version.  They work so well with my Kate Spade boots!  I got size XL but could have gone with L because XL for kids is even a little too big for my feet lol.

I was already wearing the liners in the above pics as you could probably see.  The liner sticks out on top by a couple inches if I don't fold them down.  I can fold them down over the top of the boots as well, which looks like this:

Not a huge difference looking from a distance, other than the fact that when folded down, you can see the Hunter logo.

So, these were all of my "cold weather" items that I got for my trip.  They were a lifesaver!  I don't think I could have survived without my rain boots in particular lol.  It's very important to have comfortable, cozy, and dry footwear!  


  1. All these outfits and items look great!

  2. The Hunter logo is supposed to show when it's folded down. People like the Hunter logo to show on their boots (I have them in a matte navy and love mine) they sell the liners with logo on the fold you still have "Hunter" boots. Can be a little cheesy since ppl can buy a generic rain boot with Hunter socks. I don't mind the Hunter logo on the boots because I love the brand....I just don't need to show off that I have $50 socks. lol. I could go without it!

    1. Hi Carrie. Do you still blog? I have been looking for it & cannot find it.

  3. If you can, check out the Lululemon Lab, I bet it's really cool!

  4. I love your mk trench! Too bad it's sold out online


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