Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Funday!

Unfortunately, I don't have many workout outfits to post this week.  I had a few too many happy hour events to attend, and then I felt like I was starting to get sick towards the end of the week.  Since I am going on vacation mid next week, the last thing I want to be right now is sick!  So instead of going to the gym to "sweat it out" like I normally would, I decided to take it easy and do nothing.  I think I'm ok now, but literally everyone I see at work is sick, so hopefully I don't get infected before vacation!  That would suck so bad.

So the only workout I did this week was a yoga class on Monday.  It was a great class though!  I'll go back again next week.  But anyway, most of the outfits here are going to be work outfits and whatnot.  
Monday 1/25
What I did:  Yoga

What I wore:
Top:  Splits59 Ashby Tanks Liberty
over Nude

To and From:  Lululemon It's A Cinch LS in heathered zinfandel / winter orchid

Tuesday 1/26

Wednesday 1/27
Work Outfit:

I wore the Calvin Klein Blazer as to and from:

Saturday 1/30
Dinner Outfit (went to Bestia again!):

To and From:  Vince Leather Scuba Jacket in black

Sunday 1/31
It was raining a lot today, which is rare for LA nowadays.  So I took advantage by wearing my rain boots and purposefully walking through puddles!  

Brunch Outfit:
Top:  Lululemon It's A Cinch LS in heathered zinfandel/winter orchid
Hat:  Adidas

Ok, that's all.  I do plan to workout everyday before I go on vacation next week, so hopefully I'll have more to post next Sunday!  Have a good week everyone, and stay warm!

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