Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Valentine's Day Shoes!

I couldn't help my itchy fingers and splurged on another pair of Louboutin shoes!  This time I got the Lady Peep Spike 150mm in fuschia/gold.  I love the Lady Peep style, even though it is ridiculously high.  But they do have a rather thick platform so I can still walk in them.  They are surprisingly more comfortable than they look.  

I think the all over spike look is a fun touch!  And the color I got is perfect for V-Day.  I guess that means I should go out to dinner or something then lol:

The gold leathered has a crackled look:

I kind of love these!  I actually already wore them out once, with a very muted outfit so that they would be the star!  

So as you can see, when you are wearing them, they look more pink than anything else.  The spikes catch light reflections very well so they sparkle!  At first I thought maybe I wouldn't really wear them.  But I think they would go with a lot of dark outfits.  Just need to be in the right mood since they are such a statement item!


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