Thursday, October 22, 2015

Helmut Lang Sample Sale

I went to the Helmut Lang sample sale today, held by Prive which is the same company that held the Vince sample sale last month.  It was in the same place too and had the exact same set up haha.  Here's a Racked LA article which has more pictures as well as the address.  It will last all the way until Sunday.

So it started at 10 am today and I arrived somewhere around 11.  There was a long line to check out as well as to the fitting room.  But by the time I left around 12:30, the lines had died down almost completely.  I asked one of the sales girls whether they were going to get any restocks tomorrow and on the weekend, to which she answered no, so I think in this case you are better off going as early as you can.

Here are some photos I took at the sale:

The sale was very organized, same as the Vince one.  I found the prices to be still on the high end though.  Definitely not as good as the Vince sale prices.  For example, the Helmut Lang leather jackets were $499, whereas the Vince jackets were $250.  Though Helmut Lang retails for higher prices than Vince, but the discount % is still a bit smaller.  Of course you can expect ~70% off retail prices which is a large discount!  However, $499 is still a lot to spend on a jacket!  I really wanted 2 leather jackets, which would have set me back $1000+ after tax.  So I just couldn't bite the bullet... hahaha.  Not gonna lie, it hurt my heart a little to have to put them back and see them get snatched up by other shoppers.

Aside from the 2 beautiful leather jackets I put back, I also managed to put back a dress.  It was actually this Lateral Drape dress that's on 6pm for $169.  But it was $220 at the sample sale today!  It fits really well and flatters the figure.  But in the end I didn't really need a dress this style (seriously, when will I ever wear it?) so I put it back too.

So, I did buy one thing and one thing only!  But I love it SO much!  It's the Sonar Wool Twist Knot dress.  It was $129 at the sample sale, and retails for $290.  I found it on amazon for $110-290, and on 6pm for $175.  Here it is in black on me.  I like it with my new Louboutins!

Slightly different looking from each side due to the asymmetrical top:

Here's some close up pics of the twist on the shoulder:

And then it drapes to the rest of the body:

I really can't tell you how much I love this dress.  It's the perfect little black dress that is simple yet classy.  I think it can be dressed up or down.  The material is wool, so it's on the thicker side.  But it's stretchy and comfortable.

I got this dress in petite size.  I think Helmut Lang generally runs on the large side.  If I were to get a size S, it probably would look looser like it does on the model.  But I don't like it that loose in this style.  I like the way the petite fits better.

I actually like this dress so much that I almost got the charcoal one at the sale as well.  But I held out until I got home, and found it on amazon for even cheaper!  So I bought from amazon right away.  I do really need both colors!!

Anyway, based on my limited research on the items I tried on and what price they were charging at the sample sale, I would say the sample sale prices were comparable to discounted prices you can get at Nordstrom Rack or these sites like amazon and 6pm.  It probably makes the sample sale less appealing, but if you have time, I think you should stop by and try some things on.  I would never have bought this dress if I only saw it online on the model.  So it's worth going through stuff in person if possible.

Since I live so close to Santa Monica, I may go back on Sunday and see if they've dropped prices on the leather jackets lol.  But I'm pretty sure the style I liked will be sold out before then, since they only had a few in each size when I was there.  If they are still available though, maybe I'll consider that a sign!  =P


  1. The dress looks awesome on you!

  2. P.S. I just snagged the Vince Crepe vest for $113! Soo excited!

    1. Oh yeah, I also saw it on the Vince website for $98! Such a good deal!

  3. Too bad it's not as good as the Vince one. I still plan on going tomorrow and take a look. I hope there's something left!

    1. If you end up going tomorrow, please let me know how it is! Especially if the leather jackets have decreased in price. =)

    2. Jackets were still $499 yesterday afternoon. The selection was still good though, I scored two sweaters!

    3. Thanks! I didn't end up going back. I figured even if they went down to $400 or something, I still don't want to spend that much... hahaha. Glad you got something too!


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