Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Christian Louboutin Bianca Pumps... So In Love!

As my birthday present, my bf got me my very first pair of Christian Louboutin pumps!  Of course I've been obsessed with the red soles forever, but they are just so expensive and I could never bite the bullet lol.  But the bf said just do it and who was I to say otherwise!  =D  Having never tried any Louboutin shoes on before, I had no idea what style or size would be best for me.  So we went to the Louboutin store and I literally tried on every single style!  The sales people were super chill though, so I don't think they minded lol.  The one that won both by style and relative comfort were the Bianca pumps!  I wanted them in patent black leather, which are just so shiny and so pretty!  I can't believe I own these shoes now!  They are sooooo pricey ($875 + 10% tax...)!  Definitely my most expensive shoes by far.

Apparently many people size up half a size or so in Louboutin shoes.  But also apparently the smaller your shoe size is, the more true to size Louboutin shoes will be.  I usually wear a US 6, and my feet are on the narrow side.  For every Louboutin style I tried on, I am a true to size EU 36.  

Anyway, I am soooo happy with this decision!  In fact, so happy that I'm afraid to wear them lol.  I have only worn them around the house so far.  They are 140mm high, with 40mm platform.  So they are equivalent to 100mm heel height (a little under 4 inches) which makes them not uncomfortable at all.  I won't go so far as to say they are super comfortable lol.  I mean, they are not bad considering that they elevate you about 5.5 inches, but you are still not going to walk a mile in them.

So this is the box!

And here are my shoes sitting there all sparkly!

I was afraid that the red sole would wear away so I searched online for ways to keep them looking nice.  There are different red grippy soles (Vibram makes them too) that you can buy and have a cobbler put them on.  But the cobbler will be filing away the original red sole of the shoe in order to install them.  So I thought in that case, you might as well just wear the shoes for a while until the sole wears out.  Then go to the cobbler to have the grippy sole put on.

While searching for an alternative, I found a really interesting idea which was to buy the Zagg InvisibleShield for iPads, cut them out into shape and apply them to your soles yourself!  Apparently they stay on really well on all kinds of road surfaces, and last for about a year!  You should buy the Zagg brand though, not a cheaper copycat brand which may use an inferior material.  There are many tutorial videos on YouTube on how to do this.  I saw a couple different videos, which all called for the wet application InvisibleShield.  It is just like putting a screen on your phone or tablet, with just one extra step of tracing out your shoe shape and cutting it before applying.

I made a small mistake, which was I accidentally bought the dry application InvisibleShield.  At first I thought it wasn't going to work, since the screen protector just would not stick to the shoe whatsoever.  But then I realized that I bought a full body shield, and the piece that is supposed to go onto the back of the ipad actually sticks really well to the shoe!  It is also matte so it will give you more grip.  Here's how my shoe looks after applying the shield... I would have liked a little less air bubbles.  But hopefully they will come out after I wear the shoes a couple times.  This is the shield I bought on amazon.  I actually got the iPad Mini size, which turned out to be perfect, and it was only $10!

Oh yeah, if you make a mistake, you definitely can take off the shield and it will not take the red paint with it.  I reapplied many times with no issues.

Even after putting on the InvisibleShield, I am still afraid to wear these shoes!  They have been sitting in my room for a month lol!  So I thought to ease myself into it, I should just buy a used pair and try them out first.  I know, it sounds crazy!  But I found the exact same style in a matte black leather on eBay.  They are barely used, and I got them for less than $300!  I actually really like the non-patent look too.  They don't look as "black" as patent.  Probably more versatile.  I'm really happy to have both versions.

And they already come with the grippy soles installed!  Saves me some work haha.

I am much less afraid to wear these.  In fact, I wore them the other day already.  I kept it simple with just jeans and a white button down.  

By the way, to take care of my nicer shoes, I use baby wipes.  I get the ones with no toxins.  I even go so far as to get the kind for sensitive skin.  Buahaha!  Though the regular ones will probably work just fine, but hey... they are the same price.  This is the one I get, it has a lid to keep the wipes moist, and it's less than $2 at Target!  I wipe down the inside and soles of my shoes after each wear.  I think it's important to keep nice things nice!  Especially if you want to resell later and get maximum price.  =)

So I think I'm going to have to wear my patent black Biancas this weekend.  I don't want my bf's gift to become a museum piece.  Maybe it will be an excuse to have more date nights!  I actually also would like to get the same style in nude!  Then I will stop looking at Louboutins so I won't feel any more temptations to spend so much money on shoes!


  1. Baby wipes? Genius!! I own 3 pairs of AGL's (only $300ish). I am definitely going to use your secret trick! Gorgeous shoes. Enjoy!

    1. Hehe... yeah, baby wipes work really well! Super affordable too. =P

  2. Those are everyone's dream shoe! I am so glad I can't do heels or i would be a goner. Congrats!

    1. Thanks! Haha... it's true! I need to stop looking. Just get my basic colors and STOP. lol.

  3. What a great tip about the zagg screens! I'm going to buy some and try it on my shoes!

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