Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Nike Pro Hyperwarm Nordic Half Zip & Legend Tight

I have to confess that sometimes I'm a little crazy when it comes to finding something I want!  Hehe.  So a little while ago, I saw a girl crossing the street when I was driving, and she had on the cutest top!  I managed to see the Nike logo on the arm.  So I went home and started my search for it but couldn't find it anywhere!  I kind of gave up for a while, but then I happened to see it while browsing the Nike sale section last week!  It is the Nike Pro Hyperwarm Nordic Half Zip.  On sale for $44 right now, but Nike just started a promo of extra 20% off clearance until 5/19 with code "BESTINU".  That would make it only $35!  Dang... I wonder if they will do price adjustment for me.

The color I got is the black/metallic gold combo (metallic gold is the logo color).

Nike.come also carries the ivory/volt color, but I like the black one better.

6pm has it in a few other colors though - red, purple, blue.  Purple is pretty cute too!

As I was checking out, I decided to just pick up two pairs of Legend 2.0 Swift Tight to try out as well and get free shipping for my order.  Since Nike offers free returns, I figure I had nothing to lose really.  I got both pink and gray!

Here are the top and gray crops on it - the gray crops is actually called blue graphite/black.  I don't see any blues in them though.

So, I'm really happy with the top!  I actually bought it in both size S and size M, because the reviews said that it ran really tight.  Well... I don't find this to be the case at all.  I think it definitely runs as you would expect.  The size S is the perfect fit.  It's form fitting but not too tight.  The length is also good.  The M is a bit too loose and looks a bit frumpy.  I love loose fitting tanks, but for tops in this style I think it has to fit right.

I was afraid the "hyperwarm" material would be too thick for LA.  But it's actually not very thick at all!  It's brushed on the inside though, reminds me of Lululemon's brushed luxtreme material.  Feels very nice on.

This is what it looks like on the inside... like thin fleece:

The style of this top looks so much like Lululemon's running pullovers.  It has the zipper garage thing, and thumb holes.  The material and construction are still inferior to Lulu though.  It's kind of what you would expect typical Nike stuff to be like.  The price different is there for a reason!  

One of the reasons I got the Nike Legend tight is that it says in the online description that they are made of 86% nylon and 14% spandex.  So I expected it to be like the material of the Nike Flash tight I just got, which feels pretty nice.  But as soon as I took these Legend tights out of the box, I was instantly turned off by the slick, polyestery feel.  I checked the fabric content - ah, they lied!  These in fact are made of 88% recycled polyester and 12% spandex:


There's also this hole they cut out in the back of the inner waist - I guess they call this a pocket.  It looks so cheap though.  Very much like an after thought.

Kind of cool that these tights are made of 10 recycled plastic bottles though?

I tried them on anyways, and despite not being crazy about the material, I do like the fit.  I ordered them both in size XS which is definitely the right size. They have a wide waistband and it is high rise - goes all the way up to my belly button!  So they definitely would stay put during exercises.

I do have to say that this material is pretty thick and dense, that even this light color is not sheer in the bum.  I don't like the print distribution on these  -  it looks like my right butt cheek is so big that it stretched the fabric!  Either that or I fell on my ass and the print rubbed off lol:

Same fading thing going on on the front of the right leg:

Of course the front and back fabrics are not lined up.  But I knew that would be the case.

Look how different these tights look from both sides!  The pic below looks much lighter:

The hot pink pair is same story.  The pink on Nike's web photo looks brighter than it is in person.  I didn't expect highlighter kind of pink (nor do I want that), but the pink in person is rather dull.

Soooo... I think both pairs are going back.  I am definitely open to this style if I see a pair in a print or fabric I want in the future though.  Like I said, the fit is actually very nice!  I think if I didn't have so many leggings already, I'd probably keep one pair of these.  But 2 pairs of these on sale still equal to one pair of Lululemon leggings, which is probably still the best on the market on most days.  So I'd rather have one pair I love than 2 pairs that are "meh".  


  1. Hi -- I dont think Nike offers price adjustments when there is a coupon code -- if it goes on sale, they will --its always worth a try though

    My daughter has the pants in the nordic print -- they are so cute on her

    1. You're right. I contacted them and they said they cannot price adjust since I made my order prior to the promo started. Oh well. They did give me a 15% off code for future purchase though, valid for 6 months. Not bad.

    2. That is kind of a silly response from them. I mean, if you had purchased 'during' their promo, you would've gotten the discount! Duh. that is why price adjustments are usually made. At least they gave you 15 % off futur purchase...

    3. I know! I even said I still had the tags on and could return it and then make another order with the discount code. But she just said "ok". Lol. I didn't feel like arguing with her so whatever... It's only $10 difference and not worth the hassle. Hopefully I can save a lot more with that code in the future!

  2. Are the arms pretty fitted to on that pullover? Hard to tell in photos. I cannot stand wearing something with tight sleeves & may size up for that reason alone. Thanks!

    1. The arm is not tight at all. I know what you mean about tops with super tight arms! This one has pretty stretchy material and is not constrictive. The difference in arms between S and M was not very big either.


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