Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tadashi Shoji Lace Sheath Dress - Amazing!

I posted a picture of me with this dress on a couple weeks ago, but I hadn't had a chance to write about it yet:

It is the Tadashi Shoji Lace Sheath dress in peppermint, which is a bright red color.  It's the perfect shade of red actually, from the stand point of both the shade and the brightness.  I had an event to go to and decided at the last minute that none of my existing cocktail dresses would work lol.  So I went to Nordstrom and this was the first dress I tried on!  I had actually seen this dress online before I went to Nordstrom, but I didn't think it would be as perfect as it turned out to be.  I'm so glad I have it now, because it is the perfect cocktail dress that would be appropriate for many occasions.  It's gorgeous and it fits very well.  I highly, highly recommend you getting this dress even if you have no occasion to wear it to in the near future.  Just buy it, and hide it in your closet!

I feel like the Nordstrom pictures make it look more orange than it looks in person.  Maybe that's my monitor setting.  But in person it is a true red.  

I ended up getting this dress in size 0.  I also tried on size 2 in black, which could have worked as well.  It had slightly more room in the waist and hips so it's probably just a matter of personal preference.  I decided I wanted the red one, and size 0 was the only one they had left.  So I went with it.  The lace is stretchy anyway, so it's still very comfortable.

Here's the black/nude one.  It's cute too and definitely a classic.  But red seemed younger and more fun to me.

So here's the red one in size 0 on me:

The lace detail on this dress is so pretty, and I love the wrap around waist detail which is super flattering:

There's really not anything I would change about this dress!  It even comes in regular and petite sizes (I got regular size).  It's priced at $228 which is fair.  I think it's worth every penny but of course that's always subjective.  The style of this dress is such that it would be appropriate for a holiday party or something more dressy, but it could also work for just a date night.  That's why I say just buy it!  You will find an occasion for it.  =)

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