Thursday, January 28, 2016

DvF Jewel Dress in Black/Feather Leopard

I got a new dress!  DvF Jewel Dress in black / feather leopard.  I love this dress!  It's super cute and flattering.  So worth the money especially when you get it for a good deal!  Though I still paid $200 which is not super cheap.  But it retails for $548.

I got it in size 4, which is my normal DvF size.  I think it's true to size.  It's a wrap dress so there's some give to the sizing as well.  However, it is cut low in the chest just like DvF's regular wrap dresses.  So if you have big boobs, you may want to size up.

I tied the waist strap in the back, but you can also tie it in the front of course.  It is really long.  I had it wrapped around my waist twice and there's still plenty left to tie a knot.

As you can see, the skirt portion of this dress puffs a little.  But I think it's just right!  The material of this dress is thick and a little stiff in the skirt portion.  So it will stay somewhat structured, and won't wrinkle.  I love it.

The best part has to be the pockets though!  I seriously love dresses with pockets.  These pockets are super inconspicuous too.  In fact, I didn't even know the dress had pockets.  It was hard to find the pockets at first because they were sewn shut except for about an inch opening.  At first I thought the opening was a hole in the skirt.  But to my delight, it was a pocket!  SO excited!  When you don't use it, you can't tell it's there at all.

You also can't tell the overlapping portion of the skirt because the print camouflages so well:

Anyway, this is an older print, but there are many different versions of this dress.  So here's one that is very similar from Bloomingdale's that's on sale.  And here's one from the DvF site that is even more on sale.  Couple more cute ones on sale in different patterns herehere and here.

Anyway, I like this dress a lot!  It's a bit on the dressy side, but I think it's still versatile.  I'm going to be finding all kinds of excuses to wear it!  Just maybe not to work.

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