Thursday, July 30, 2015

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Order - Part 2!

Since I couldn't fit all my pictures into the last post about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale order, here's the rest!  I very hesitantly ordered this Rebecca Minkoff Chevron Quilted Love bag in ash.  It's kind of hard to order bags online without knowing how they are in person.  But there were a few 5 star reviews on it, so I decided to give it a shot.  It's Nordstrom after all, I would have no trouble returning it if I didn't like it.

Well... after I received it, I was actually surprised by how much I do like it!  I think the color, size and style are perfect for me to use it regularly.  When I go to work, I don't want to take my expensive hand bags because I want them to think they are not paying me enough... lol!  I used to take my LV Neverfull (GM) bag when I took the train and carried a lot more stuff with me but now it's just too big for everyday purposes.  So the past year or so I've been using mostly my Kate Spade Cobble Hill Canvas bag.  But it's rather thin and cannot fit wider items well.  Plus I was getting a bit bored.  That's why I decided to go for a new bag.   =)  The Rebecca Minkoff Love bag comes in many different colors and 2 different sizes, and the regular size (what I got) retails for $295.  The Nordstrom Anniversary sale price was $100 off.  So that's not bad.

The "ash" color looks white on the Nordstrom picture, but it's a very light gray in person.  I read one of the reviews that stated this before I bought it, so I knew what to expect.  I like the color.

I think this bag is constructed well enough.  It doesn't look super expensive or super cheap, in my opinion.  And that's how it's priced, so you shouldn't expect the same quality as a bag that costs 10x more.  I really like the fact that it's so structured.  I usually like slouchy bags, but in this style I want it to stand up and retain its shape.

I'm really impressed with how many pockets this bag has.  There is 1 zipper pocket, and 3 other pockets on the inside.  On the back of the outside, it is another pocket.  I love that!

May be a little hard to see, but here is the zipper pocket and another pocket right in front of it on one side:

There are two pockets side by side on the opposite side - the only thing is these pockets are just a smidge too tight for my iphone 6 (with a not very thick case).  I can make it fit but it's a struggle so just forget about it.  If you don't have a case, it will probably fit better.  

But I've been just sticking my phone into the big pocket on the back - it's more convenient anyway.  The entire back of the purse is a pocket!  It doesn't open very wide, obviously.  But for papers or a phone, it's quite perfect.

Here's the closure mechanism.  So you twist the thing in the middle to lock/unlock.  I hope this thing doesn't break over time.

The funny thing is, you can actually fit it into any of the 3 holes.  Although when it's not in the middle one, the purse doesn't align correctly so I have no idea why you would want to do this:

You can even lock it in that position... haha:

The should strap is exactly the same as my Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC bag that I used to have (and sold on ebay for a surprisingly high price after using the crap out of it).  This means you can wear this bag in 3 different lengths.  I think that's really awesome.  

Both sides of the strap attaches to the bag like this:

Instead of attaching it to the bag, you can loop it through and attach it onto itself half way across the strap.  You can do this on one side, or on both sides.  Obviously if you do it on both sides, then the purse will be at the shortest strap length, whereas if you only do it on one side, it will be medium length.  And if you leave both sides long then that's the longest length it can achieve.

Here are the 3 different lengths on me, in order of shortest to longest:

Even the shortest is not that short

I think this medium length is my preferred length

When it's at the longest length, I think it's too long to wear on one shoulder.  But you can wear it as a crossbody and it totally works:

You could also completely remove the strap and use it as a clutch.  I think it's too big and wide to use as a clutch though.  But they do make a smaller clutch version of the Love bag.  Here's one on sale on Rebecca Minkoff's site.

 Looks kinda silly, I think... not to mention hard to carry like this:

This bag fits my wallet, keys, and sunglasses comfortably.  I don't think it could hold a lot of other things unless they are small knick knacks.  But I don't carry that much stuff with me so it works for me.

I think the one I bought is now sold out at Nordstrom.  But I found a few others I like:

I am kind of surprised by how well this bag goes with all my outfits.  Both in the sense of color and style.  It's also a style that is versatile enough to be used during the day and then transition into night time.  Not too shabby at all!

Ok, so the next item I got which are also kind of surprisingly cute are the Kate Spade Glitter Stud earrings.  I got them in torquoise.  I thought they would have been either really cute or really ugly in person.  But they have hundreds of 5 star reviews and they are only $24 now.  Who writes reviews on earrings?!  lol.

Here's the box they came in:

I gotta say, when I first opened the box, I thought they were kind of cheap/ugly looking:

I also thought they were huge, which they kind of are.  But once I put them on, I think they look much better than in the box!  They are kinda fun, like confetti in an earring haha.

I do wish the hardware was silver color instead of gold though.  But oh well.  I don't have any blue earrings, so these will be fun to wear!  They also came in 3 other colors - pink, white and gold.  Pink was too pink for me, and I have other earrings in the other two colors.  Although I think they would look pretty good in gold, which is sold out now.

My skin gets rashes if I wear jewelry made of cheaper material, such as sterling silver.  So when I buy cheaper jewelry, I have to make sure they use some kind of plating that won't cause an allergic reaction.  These are plated in 14k gold so I know I'll be safe with these.  The ones with silver backing are rhodium plated, which I know I am also not allergic to, since my Swarovski earrings are all rhodium plated and I've never had any issues.

Anyway, the last item I bought was the Clarisonic Mia 2.  I've only used it a few times so far so I'll write a better review later.  But it's something that I've thought about buying for at least a year now!  So I finally caved.  I was deciding between the Mia 2 and Mia 3, and really liked the fact that Mia 3 came with a stand.  But Mia 2 comes with a travel case which is also important.  And most importantly, it is only $119 now during the anniversary sale haha.  So I decided to save a hundred bucks and go for the 2 instead, which I'm sure is not that different anyway.  More on this later!

Alright well that concludes my entire order from the anniversary sale.  Overall I feel like I ordered a pretty random combination of things haha.  But I'm happy I got some nice items that I'll definitely be keeping!  I hope you were able to find what you liked as well!  Happy shopping!  =D


  1. Love the love bag! I've been really wanting the one in black. Thanks for the pics. :)

  2. Cut bag!

    I am a new reader and am inspired by your journey. Will you post specifics of your workouts? I've been lifting but not getting the results you have. I also work full time. Thank you for your blog!


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