Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Beauty Finds!

I haven't written about any beauty products lately!  I've been trying all kinds of stuff though, as usual.  I even got a huge lash stash set during the holidays from Sephora.  It's sold out now, but I'm pretty disappointed in the products anyways so you are not missing anything lol.  I literally don't like any of the mascaras in it.  I do, however, like the lash curler.  But all the mascaras suck!  The worst thing being this Tarte lash extension fibers.  It's so horrible that all the little fibers fall into your eyes during and after application.  Then your eyes are red and irritated ALL day.  Most horrific experience.  Do not buy this.

What I do really love is actually quite a surprise.  I got it as a free sample, and since it is a huge sample, I've been using it for months now lol.  I love it so much that I am going to shell out $$ for the actual thing.  It is the Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water.  It's important to point out that I use it as a toner, even though it says that it is a cleanser as well.  I still use my regular face washing regime before using it.  

Nowadays, that means I first take off my makeup using one of the most life changing products ever - the Shu Uemura cleansing oil.  I then rinse off the oil, and use Clarisonic to go over my face with a dash of face wash (I alternate between many different brands).  Then I dab a cotton pad with some of this Dermaclear Micro Water and use it like a toner.  Even after the cleansing oil + Clarisonic + face wash, this Micro Water still gets off some dirt and makeup as residue on the cotton pad, which NEVER happens with any other toner.  I just feel extra clean!  

The consistency of this product is great too, since it's exactly like water.  It also doesn't smell like anything, and doesn't dry you out.  Even though it's expensive ($32 for the full size of 8.2 oz), I think it will last a long time because you only use a little a day.  I'm definitely getting it after my sample runs out.

I did notice that the Sephora Collection has something that sounds similar for only $12 - the Triple Action Cleansing Water.  It has a lot of good reviews.  Maybe I'll try it out as well, since it's such a big price difference.

Another item I've been really liking lately is the Sephora Collection Precision Pore Cleansing Pad.  It's a little silicon pad with tiny bristles on it that exfoliates the skin when you use it to wash your face.  It is a little unnecessary if you use the Clarisonic or some other type of brush to wash your face.  But this pad is way gentler than the Clarisonic.  I really like to use it to clean off my mud masks.  I don't mind getting it dirty since it's only $6.  But all the mud just washes off anyway.  

It's also got a little suction on the back so you can put it on the mirror or in the shower.  

The next item I've been using lately is the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner.  It's got super good reviews which is why I got it.  

The tip of this eyeliner is thicker and harder than the old school liquid eyeliners, and it's supposed to make it easy to apply without smudging or feathering.  But while it's easier than tradition liquid eyeliners to use, it is not nearly as good as the Japanese equivalent.  I am not an expert at putting on eyeliner by any means.  Using this Stila one, it is still rather easy for me to make mistakes or shaky and uneven lines.  The formula is a bit too wet too, so it does feather a bit when you apply it, at least in the beginning when the product is brand new.  It also takes a while to dry so if you blink before it dries, you might get it all over the top of your eyelid.  Once it dries, it does stay all day though, even if you workout and sweat it still stays pretty well without making you look like a panda bear.

But the Japanese KissMe Heroine Make eyeliner is like fool proof application.  So much easier to use and the liner you draw comes out perfect every time!  It's like magic.  The two products look almost identical though, so I had high hopes for the Stila.  I guess I should have just stuck with my trusted product, especially for half the price.  Though if I didn't try the Japanese one first, I'd probably think the Stila one is pretty good.  It's all relative!

Lastly, the item that has been kind of a disappointment is the Too Faced Sweethearts Flush Blush.  The color combo I got is Peach Beach - shimmering peach/ rosy pink/ shimmering light golden bronze.

Ummm... I honestly don't know how this product has so many good reviews.  I am usually a big fan of Too Faced too.  But this one is not good!  First of all, the packaging kills me.  It's very bulky.  It's also pink and heart shaped which makes me feel like a teenager.  The blush color goes on really strong, so I blend it out and it looks ok in the beginning.  However, it disappears very fast.  After a few hours, it looks like I didn't put any blush on.  I've used this product many times now and I sit in an office all day so it's not like I'm sweating.  It just doesn't work for me.  I'm actually going to return it because $30 is way too much for something that doesn't work.  The only positive is that even after using it a good 20 times or so, it still looks like I didn't use it at all.  So I'd say it will last a long time.

So that's about it so far!  I'm always on the look out for different beauty products, so I'm sure I'll be posting more in the near future.


  1. Have you tried the bioderma miraceller water? It seems similar to the dr. Jart product you mentioned.

    1. I haven't tried that. This was like the first water product I tried and I really like it!

  2. Have you tried the bioderma miraceller water? It seems similar to the dr. Jart product you mentioned.

  3. I highly recommend the Sephora cleansing water. I really liked it, except that I usually remove my makeup in the shower post-gym and would forget to do that step first. But that's a me problem :)

    1. Ok, I just got it... LOL! I needed a refill on my Anastasia eyebrow stuff and needed something to add up to $50 for free shipping. I'll be getting it soon, can't wait to try! If it works similarly to the Dr. Jart then I'll stick with Sephora since it's so much cheaper.


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