Thursday, January 7, 2016

Tory Burch Crepe Tie Neck Top

The day after Christmas, I woke up and started shopping online lol.  Ever since I got the Tory Burch Bias Cut dress in lyon vertical and returned it due to ill fit, I have been contemplating getting the blouse in the same print.  It's essentially just the top portion of the dress, actually.  So when I saw it on sale for $110, I decided to pull the trigger.  The same blouse is also on sale at Nordstrom right now.

As mentioned many times previously, I am obsessed with tie-neck blouses lol.  I like how they tied it like a double windsor here:

I got this top in size 4, which turned out to be a great size for me.  The cut of this blouse is not as baggy as most of my other blouses as of late, particularly in the chest area.  So I'm really glad I have a little wiggle room.  I hate it when my buttons are bursting open on blouses!

Close up of the fabric:

Side slits:

I love how wide the tie is:

It's almost a scarf!  Lol.  I like it better than my Banana Republic tie neck blouses which have very skinny ties.

Of course the tie is removable too.  There is a loop on the back of the neck that you can secure the tie into.  But I just wear it like a scarf and tie it around my neck.  So it's easy to remove.  When you wear it without tie, it looks pretty good too.

I especially like the hidden button detail:

So I'm pretty happy with this blouse.  However, it is made of polyester rather than silk which is a bit cheap of a material to use for the price point.  This blouse was originally priced at $395!

I actually ordered 2 other tie neck blouses in very similar style.  The Stretch Silk Tie blouse, in colors new ivory and red gate.

This blouse is actually made of silk, and it was on sale for $125ish.  I also ordered them in size 4.  But they just have such a weird fit!  Very very tight fitting in the chest.  Definitely bursting open around the boob area.  On top of that, the "silk" didn't feel nice at all.  I actually prefer the polyestery in the lyon vertical top above.  I hated these blouses.  In fact, I hated the fit so much that I took them off immediate and put them back into the box to send back.  I didn't even remember to take pictures of them on me!  That's how bad it was lol.  

Oh well, I saved $250 from that.  I was already feeling guilty that I was spending so much money on some damn blouses.  Now I can get my money back and spend it somewhere else!  Maybe also time to stop getting tie neck blouses.  =)

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