Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pumps, Dress, Skirt & Tops!

I made a somewhat large order from Ruelala last week that kind of incorporated a little of everything!  I got a pair of pumps, a dress, a skirt, and two tops.  I'm actually quite happy with all the items!  So it's a pretty successful order for sure.  Even my bf said that the pumps are one of his favorite shoes of mine.  I've been wanting a pair of mostly white pumps for a while now, and these fit the bill perfectly - the French Connection Maya 2 pumps.  They are gone from Ruelala, but Nordstrom Rack has a few sizes left for about the same price.  For ~$60, these are seriously a steal!

I love that these are black and white color blocked, and the laser cut style makes them very cool to wear.  The style literally goes with everything.  I got them in my regular size 6 which fits well.  I didn't realize based on the online photos that the front would be an asymmetrical cut, which I like even better!  You can see from the top view of them on me below:

The leather is very soft, and even though these are 4 inch heels, they feel rather comfortable on.  I'm glad the back of the shoe is black since that's the area that is likely to get scuff marks easily.  I wouldn't even have minded a black heel as well.

Super happy with these shoes!

Next, I got a Rachel Zoe sweater dress.  I found the dress on sale on here for about the same price as Ruelala as well.  It matches my new shoes haha.

I'm actually a fan of Rachel Zoe's... both her and her clothing line.   I loved her show and was sad when it was canceled!  I've never tried anything from her line before though.  Just admired from afar lol.  I wasn't sure about sizing, but I thought this sweater would be a good entry way point since the style would most likely work and the price is not bad at $75.  To stay safe, I got size S.  I think I may be able to wear the XS as well, but I'm ok with the fit of the S.  It's just feels a bit loose in the hips and arms.  But the style is loose and flowy anyway that it's totally fine.

Next, I got the DvF Emma black diamond pattern skirt.  It seems to be sold out everywhere so I can't find a link.  I really really like it though!  I realized that I don't have enough black pencil skirts for work (only have 2!) so this is something I've been meaning to get anyway.  When I saw it on Ruelala for $75, I jumped on it.  I ordered my usual DvF size 4, which I was worried about because I usually wear size 0 or size 2 in pencil skirts from most brands and this item was final sale.  But size 4 turns out to be the perfect fit!  I can get a looooot of use out of this skirt.

The diamond print is very subtle:

And then surprise!!  I got 2 more Vince shirts lol.  I am seriously obsessed with Vince right now!  It's like all I buy now.  I can't tell you how much I love their tops and of course their leather jackets.

The first top I got is the Breton Variegated Stripe Long Sleeve which is still available in a different color on  It's on sale for a great price of $58!  Only size XXS left though.  I got mine from Ruelala for $69, but it's the color and size I wanted so that's fine.

I guess I really like this "variegated stripe" style since this is my 3rd top with variegated stripe.  This is the same size as all my other Vince tops - size XS.  

I love the stripes of red towards the top of the shirt.  Just adds a little bit more this way.  This top feels super awesome and comfortable, which I've come to expect from Vince.  I love it.

The second Vince top I got is also still available on and on sale for a great price of $66, and it is the Stripe Cuff V-Neck Slub Cotton Sweater.  The color I got is coastal tomato, which is only left in size XXS on their website.  But the optic white coastal color combo has all the sizes.  I've actually been eyeing this top on Nordstrom's website but they are sold out there!  So I was super happy to see it on Ruelala in size XS.

The XS in this sweater fits a little looser than my other XS tops from Vince.  I think that's because this style is a bit different.  It's a very relaxed fit.  But I think the XS still works fine.  I wouldn't want it any shorter.  As you can see, coastal is a very dark navy.

I love the dark blue and red color combo.  It's very striking.  Here's the sleeve detail up close:

So, that's my very successful order!  I've actually got more Vince stuff coming in the mail, so I hope you are not tired of hearing about Vince yet... lol.  The truth is, I'd be pretty stoked to live in head to toe Vince everyday, including shoes and accessories.  =D

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