Saturday, January 9, 2016

Christian Louboutin Nude Bianca Pump!

So, as I've mentioned in the last shoe post lol, I've gotten another pair of Louboutin shoes and they were at the cobbler to get the grippy soles put on.  Well, I got them back now and I've been wearing them soooo much!  Like everyday this week!  I think they may be my favorite so far.

They are actually the same exact style as 2 of my black pairs, which is the Bianca.  But they are nude, and they are 120mm instead of 140mm which makes them suuuuper comfortable.  I can walk forever in them.  It sounds like 20mm is not a big deal, but it really is.  Plus, they have a big platform so it's equivalent to wearing like a 3 inch heel.

I do think 140mm looks sexier, but the 120mm is still high enough.  That's like almost 5 inches!  But like I said, most comfortable shoes ever lol.  

Also, I really like Louboutin's nude.  It's a good shade of nude that is not too pink or too yellow for my skin tone.  I feel like it's almost a true nude on me.  

So yeah, because of the shade and the comfort, I am able to wear them with like every outfit.  In this case, the number of wear definitely justifies the price lol.  Now I understand why nude Louboutin shoes sell out so fast!  I may be tempted to get another pair even though I keep saying I'm done with buying these shoes lol.  But I somehow always find new excuses to get more!

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