Friday, February 20, 2015

Lululemon Presta Packable Shirket At Last!

This is a pretty old item, but one that I've been looking for forever!  The Lululemon Presta Packable Shirket, in black.  This jacket was from one of the Lululemon cycling capsules in 2012.  I tried it on in the store back then, and thought it was quite flattering on.  But I didn't buy it since I don't cycle, and I didn't want to spend so much on it.  Of course I regretted that decision ever since!  What was I thinking?!  I don't need to wear it to go biking.  I can just wear it!  So I'd been keeping an eye out on ebay.  I only wanted the black one though.  I had seen that unfortunate bruised berry dot version many times, and I'm not gonna wear that even if someone paid me.

So a few weeks ago, I finally found a black one in size 4 that was new with tag!  And it ended up being only like $50 or something after shipping.  I can't remember, but it was a great price.  I was so stoked!  It arrived quickly too, and I couldn't wait to put it on.  Yep, it was just as flattering as I remembered!  I happened to be kind of bloated when I put it on and took these pictures, but it has some serious slimming qualities IMO:

This shirket (shirt + jacket lol) is very thin.  It's made of different types of material.  There is E-Glyder which is water repellent, with luxtreme panels inserted in the sides.  It is also perforated at the collar area and the back pocket.  I think the mixture of the different materials make a basic black jacket more interesting!  

The weight is actually really perfect for my weather.  Even though I like to buy heavier jackets, I don't really need them most of the year.

The back hem is curved and longer than the front.  It has elastic to help it stay in place during cycling I suppose.  I won't need this feature haha.

It has 2 big zipper pockets on the sides on the front, as well as a huge pocket on the back that has elastic opening:

Here's a close up of the pocket - there's ruffles on the top:

The collar has a magnetic closure, so it snaps in place!  I think that's pretty cool:

The sleeves also have elastic openings too.

I think this shirket actually looks pretty good unzipped, or completely zipped up too.  Kind of futuristic!

So in my excited state, I didn't even realize that this supposedly new with tag top has a stain on one of the sleeves!

Ok, I think that looks like food residue (I hope) and will come off easily if I put some water on it and scrub it a little.  Upon closer examination though, I don't think Lululemon ever puts their hang tags on the area right below the armpit like this?!?  I'm pretty sure all my jacket tags have been on the lower left side seam.


The tag looks awfully wrinkled up too.  It's the right tag though!

Hmm... well, I know this is not a fake.  This style is not popular enough to be faked anyway.  But I have my doubts that it is in fact new with tag lol.  It's pretty cheap to buy a tagging gun on amazon and sell all your used items as new with tag!!  But I'd recommend cleaning up any stains first.

While this annoys me, I still got the jacket for a pretty good price so I guess I won't complain to the seller.

On the other hand, the rip out tag looks pretty new and crispy though:

So I'll consider this a minor hiccup in the big scheme of things!  I like this jacket a lot.  I will be wearing it and making my own stains on it!  Ha!  =P


  1. Love your red pants. What are they?

  2. I used to have people ask me if I still had the hang tag when I had my blog sales....I knew better. Even though I keep my hang tags (for the most part), I would never give it to a buyer who is buying my used item for this reason. This is shameful....if it is a popular item, it will sell regardless of it being brand new or not. Kinda pathetic that they buy a gun to reattach tags....

  3. Please don't take this personally, I just recalled how I used to take photos of myself exactly like these, thinking I was looking great. :D :D Please, consider buing clothes in your size, not two sizes too small. :-)


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