Thursday, August 25, 2016

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Follies, Pigalle & So Kate Comparison!

My latest pair of Louboutins is the Pigalle Follies in patent glittart, in 100mm.  They are on sale for $486 at Saks right now!  But I found this other great website called Amuze that carries an amazing collection of Louboutins at great prices, and they are legit!  If you sign up using my link, you will get $25 off your first order too.  It's a flash sale website similar to Gilt, Ruelala, etc. etc. but they seem to have way higher end brands and free shipping.  These Louboutin shoes I got are on sale right now for only $395.  That's the lowest I've seen among these sites.  

These are SO fun!  I love the pink and silver swirl, and they have a subtle glimmer too.  It's super pretty.  The Saks site has a nice little video so you can see the glimmer better.  I'm obsessed with these.

These are size 36 and they fit very similar to the Pigalles, which is to say if you have longer toes or wider feet, you should definitely size up at least half a size.  But I stayed true to size.

I found the different Louboutin pointy toe styles to be a bit confusing to differentiate in the beginning, so I thought maybe this would help.  I have done a little comparison between the Pigalle, Pigalle Follies, and So Kate, and I'll let you know which one my favorite is.

As you can see, they are all very similar looking but here are the differences:  
  • The Pigalle is the "original" Louboutin style with a chunkier heel and shorter toe box and comes in 100 and 120mm.  
  • Then the So Kate came out which has a more slender heel that tapers a little, and a slightly longer toe box.  It only comes in 120mm.  
  • The Pigalle Follies is like a hybrid between the Pigalle and the So Kate style.  It has the front smaller toe box of the Pigalles, and the back slender heels of the So Kate.  It comes in both 100 and 120 as well.

I think it's very hard to differentiate between the So Kate and Pigalle Follies 120.  Next to each other, I'd be able to tell the difference by looking at the toe box.  But if I were just to look at one pair alone, I'm not sure I'd be able to tell which one it is!

So, I haven't tried on the Pigalle or Pigalle Follies 120, but the So Kate 120 is not that comfortable lol.  I can't imagine that the Pigalle or Pigalle Follies 120 would be much better.  I think there's just a huge difference between 100 and 120 even though 20mm sounds like such a small amount.  

Pigalle 100 and Pigalle Follies 100 fit very similar, so it's a matter of aesthetic which one you prefer.  I like both of them, to be honest.  I feel like the Pigalles are sturdier, but I love the ultra skinny heel of the Pigalle Follies.  I'm actually happy that I have both.  But I think I'm leaning towards the Pigalle Follies more.  I think I probably wouldn't get any more So Kates, unless it is in a color/print that blows me away.  But I can definitely see myself getting more Follies.  So there you go!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100

I've become quite a Louboutin shoe fan in the last year or so.  But I never tried the famed "Pigalle" style until recently.  As any heel lover would know, the Pigalle is the iconic Louboutin style that put the brand on the map.  I've recently decided that I should upgrade all my "go to" heels, because why not lol.  I have all these Loubies now, but I actually wear my "normal" black or nude patent heels most of the time.  And I realized that if I'm going to spend money on shoes, it would make more sense to spend them on shoes that I can wear everyday instead of only on special occasions or date nights.  Soooo, I got both patent nude and patent black Pigalle 100mm heels!  100mm was very important to me, because 100 is everyday wear to me, and 120 is a bit uncomfortable.

This was such a good decision, because I've already worn both of these a bunch after getting them.  I feel like the style is pretty classic and versatile.  Also, Louboutin's "nude" is such a close match to my skin color that they are a true nude on me and really have that leg lengthening effect.  I haven't found another brand that is as close a match as CL.

They are both size 36, which is definitely on the tighter fitting side.  The toe box in the Pigalle style is smaller than most pointy toed shoes.  I think half a size up probably would work for me as well, but I always struggle with my feet coming out of the back of the heels if the fit is slightly too large.  So I didn't want to take that chance.  Plus, leather shoes will stretch.  Although patent won't stretch as much, but I'm thinking they will still stretch at least a little and mold to my feet!  

Although this style is not how I started wearing Louboutin shoes, I think it's actually a pretty good gateway style!  You'd definitely be able to get a lot of use out of them.  

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday Funday!

Another busy week for me as I tried to finish things up before I go on vacation!  I'm actually leaving in a couple days, and I can't wait!  I've already started packing this weekend too, so I'm in good shape!  This will be a first, since I normally just wait and scramble at the last minute... hahaha.  

As far as my workout goes, I was only able to make it twice to the gym this week again.  However, my diet has been on point.  So I feel pretty good.  I also made it to boxing for the first time in a long time, so that's partially why I haven't been able to go back to the gym very many times this week - I've been SO sore!  Boxing always gets me.  It's amazing.  I really should do it more.  Actually, I bought multiple classes so that will force me to go when I'm back from vacation.  =)

Monday 8/15 
What I did:  Yoga class!  That was a first in a long time too and it was great.  I got a bit sore from that as well.

What I wore:  Titika Outfit!

Tuesday 8/16 - Rest.  Here's my work outfit:

Wednesday 8/17 - Rest

Thursday 8/18
What I did:  Boxing!

What I wore:

Friday 8/19 - Rest.  But here's my casual Friday outfit:
Top:  Some cheap ribbed tank haha
Shoes:  Valentino Rockstud Leopard Pump (new)

Saturday 8/20 - Rest again.  Here's my outfit that I wore to dinner & Jason Bourne movie (I had just finished a marathon of the 4 Bourne movies before this one haha).
Top:  Vince Mixed Media Tee in new buff that I just received

And today I just rested, did laundry all day, and packed!  Not that exciting.  But I have got to get busy again, so much to do before I leave!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  

Friday, August 19, 2016

Splits59 Sabrina Matrix Tank!

I bought another Splits59 Sabrina Matrix tank.  I have quite a few Sabrina tanks, but when I saw this one on ebay, I just had to add it to my collection.  I don't know what's up with Splits59 nowadays, but their aesthetic completely changed.  It's like somebody bought the company and started making completely different stuff.  So weird!  But this tank is the kind of look that had attracted me to Splits59 in the first place.  So I had to snatch it up!

I actually don't even see any more Sabrina tanks on the Splits59 website.  It used to be one of their core styles.  

Anyway, this is size S.  I used to wear XS in this tank and even that was big.  They've made the cut smaller in the more recent versions.  I do wish it was a smidge longer, but other than that, I love it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

More Louboutins! New Very Prive and Salonu

I haven't written about any Louboutin shoes lately.  But I have bought some more!  Lol.  I will write about 2 pairs for now.  The first pair is the New Very Prive 120mm in this suuuuper cool marble print!  

So I got these shoes on ebay for a really good deal.  They were like $350 brand new with box, shipping and everything!  They are still on the Louboutin website at full price of $845.  But they were size 37 and I normally wear 36 or 36.5.  I was a bit worried that they would be too big but I just really liked them lol.  Well... it turns out they actually fit perfectly, especially with some Foot Petals shoe inserts.  

I'm really really happy with these shoes.  They truly look like marble.  The "New Very Prive" style is also an improvement from the older "Very Prive" style which has a thicker heel.  The slender heel just looks sexier!  They are also pretty comfortable as far as heels go.  They are 120mm but with the 20mm hidden platform, they are equivalent to a 4 inch heel which is pretty reasonable.

The toe tip is a pale gold color:

There are also little blue spots among the black and white:

Next is a style called Salonu, but in an older pattern.  The pattern is called Dentelle Sevillana.  It's basically white lace.  They are rather bridal looking I suppose lol.  But I love a nice white shoe and can't get enough!  I think the white and red sole contrast looks especially striking.

These are size 36, and they fit true to size.  They are 100mm heel height, with no platform.  They are also very very light and pretty comfortable to wear!

I wore them last week and walked/stood quite a bit.  By the end of the day, the edge of the lace upper did feel like they were digging into my feet a little, but I didn't get any blisters or cuts.  I think sometimes you walk around in hot weather for an extended period of time, and your feet swell up some, which makes shoes less comfortable.  But under normal circumstances, they are perfectly fine.

Love these!  But I have more shoes to post later on.  =)

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