Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ann Taylor Warehouse Sale Order!

I ordered a bunch of stuff last week from Ann Taylor during their online warehouse sale.  I got 2 blouses, 3 pencil skirts, 1 pair of pants, and a sweater for under $200 total!  I have been pretty happy with their pencil skirts I got a few months back, and wear them to work often.  I think their quality is actually quite good given the price point.  Express often has similarly priced pencil skirts, but the quality does not compare to Ann Taylor's.  I love my Theory skirts, but they cost way more so Ann Taylor is very good value!

The pants I got are the slouchy fit that is very popular lately.  I like the relaxed look of the style but hadn't taken the plunge until now because I was unsure of how they would fit me.  My bf says the style should be called "poop catcher" lol.  But I told him I'd get the non MC Hammer style.  Since these Drapey Pants were only $19 during the sale, have tons of good reviews, and not a dropped crotch, I gave them a shot!

So I think I kind of like these pants!  The silhouette is different from what I'm used to, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.  I got size XS based on the reviews I read.  They come in regular, tall and petite lengths.  I got regular.  They are a lot longer on me than on the model above.  Maybe I could have gotten away with petite since the description states they are 2 inches shorter which might have been perfect.  Here they are on me, I had to kind of scrunch them up a little.  I think the pant style goes well with my new shoes!  

The waist is elastic, and there's faux leather detail on the pocket pleats:

The back has pockets too, so these pants look dressier than slouchy gym pants.  Maybe I can even wear these pants to work if I gather up enough courage.

They still kind of give you a butt:

So the hem on the bottom is actually not that stretchy.  I guess they stay up better that way:

The material is actually quite polyestery.  They drape well, but I don't think they breathe that well.  Who cares though, for $19 bucks.  This is a trendy piece anyway, which will probably not have a long shelf life.  Here's a close up of the material:

The blouse I'm wearing with the pants is one of two that I got.  I actually got two different colors of the same blouse - Faux Leather Trim Crepe blouse.  I got it in winter white and ink haze, which is a dark navy.  I love faux leather detailing.  Very happy that this is the current trend so I can collect many different things with it.  This blouse only cost me $17 during the sale!

I got both in size S.  I'm so happy I went with S instead of XS.  I hate it when blouses are tight fitting so I wanted to be safe.  S is actually quite perfect, I think XS would have been too small.  I love this blouse in both colors.  Yay!

So there are two hidden buttons.  I guess you could get away with leaving one unbuttoned, but definitely not both.  I think it looks good with both buttoned though.

The leather trim is pretty subtle:

Faux leather cuffs too.  I love white tops with black cuffs.  My cuffs always get dirty from me resting my wrists on the desk all day at work.  White usually turns into off-white after a while, and it doesn't wash off!  Black is highly appreciated.

Here's the ink haze.  I don't have any navy blouses yet, and I love it:

As for the pencil skirts, I am pretty happy with all 3 that I got, although 2 are way more similar than I thought.  The first one is pretty chic, it's the Coated Zip Skirt:

I got this skirt in size 0, same as my other Ann Taylor skirts.  

Closer look of the material and contrasting panel:

So I had worried that the zipper would go through all the way, and become accidentally unzipped lol.  But it actually ends about 1/3 of the way down.  The rest of the way down is just a fake zipper.  It makes me feel more secure!  This is the furthest it goes down:

There's also a button at the top you can use to close for extra security:

The next skirt I got is the Corded Lace Pencil skirt, in black.  It also has faux leather detailing.  I like the mix of leather and lace on this skirt.

Got size 0 as well.  I think Ann Taylor skirts are cut a bit wider at the hips for me.  So they give illusion of a curvier figure.  I'd prefer a closer fit to the hips, but a size down would make the waist too tight.  

I think this skirt looks very nice for the price, which was like $35 after the discount:

I also appreciate that the slit is not too high on the back.  I saw a girl at my work wearing a skirt with super high back slit the other day.  When she got up from her chair, I could almost see her butt crack.  How terrifying.  Maybe that's how she got her boyfriend who works in her group lol.

The last skirt I got turned out to be super similar to the one above.  It is the Lace Pencil Skirt in dark sky, which is a very very dark navy.  It's almost black.  I had thought it would have been lighter.  So now I feel like I got 2 of the same skirt.  Oh well.  This one was final sale.

Again, size 0 in this skirt too.  I wore it here with the navy top to bring out the blue tone from the skirt lol:

So the style is very similar to the black one as well.  Except it has an elastic waist instead of faux leather.

Same back slit - I just haven't cut the stitching on this yet:

Here's the black one on top and blue one below it - they really look pretty much the same even when next to each other:

The last item I got is an ugly sweater which is soooo getting returned.  Winter Stripe Pullover.  Gosh I hope this one was not final sale lol.  It doesn't say so on the receipt so I'm hopeful.  It's SO ugly.  Nothing like these pictures on the model:

I got size XS, and it is still so boxy.  It's also very very thick, and scratchy.  When I bought it, there were no reviews online.  But now I see some reviews went up echoing my thoughts.  I laughed when I put it on:

I don't know what happened there.  That was definitely a fail.

But I think I did pretty well with this order!  I'm happy with 6 out of 7 things.  So the odds are in my favor.  The best part is that I can wear many of these pieces regularly for both work and casually.  Once I get the ugly sweater out of my sight, I'll be even happier lol.

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