Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sam Edelman Anastasia Sandal - Must Have!

I had yesterday off work, so I went shopping a little.  I really only went to 3 stores - Lululemon, Sam Edelman (next door to Lululemon in Beverly Hills) and Trader Joe's lol.  I went to Lululemon first and tried on a bunch of stuff.  Didn't buy a thing.  I don't know what happened but all their newer, more relaxed fit tanks are soooo long!  I hate it when tanks cover my butt completely.  It just doesn't look good.  If it wasn't for the length in the back, I would have bought some.  I know they hem for free there, but I can't be bothered.  Oh and I tried on the Free To Be Wild bra for the first time - meh, Lorna Jane bras are so much better.

So I wandered over to the new Sam Edelman store next door afterwards.  Sam Edelman is like my favorite heel brand I think.  They are always so comfortable despite how high they are, and their price point is really reasonable for the design and quality!  I liked many different styles at the store, I could have bought 5 pairs lol.  But I bought 2 pairs only.  And actually will return one of them.

The style that I LOVE, which is also on sale, is the Anastasia Sandal in new burgandy.  They are on sale from $150 to $105 at Sam Edelman.  Nordstrom actually carries it too, and it's on sale for $99.9.  However, Nordstrom only has black and sharkskin (light gray, also very pretty), they do not carry the burgandy ones.

These sandals are actually quite similar to the Palma sandals that I ordered and returned from the Nordstrom anniversary sale.  I remember those being uncomfortable on, like the heel was too high that you felt like you were tipping over.  But these Anastasia sandals are super comfy!  I can walk miles in them.  No joke.  It says online that the heel is 4 inches, but they don't feel that high to me.

I think the burgandy color is very nice and I don't have any other shoes in this color!  It's very "fall".  Love.  Here they are on me... they match my current toe nail color!  I got my normal size 6.

The back lace up is adjustable so if you have wider/narrower ankles, you can suit them to your comfort.  I think I have regular sized ankles, but I prefer looser fit where the shoe is not hugging my ankles completely.  This is kind of the loosest it gets:

You don't have to mess with the tie at all each time when you put them on or take them off though, because there is an inner zipper:

I actually debated hard on whether to go with the sharkskin or burgandy.  Here's the sharkskin:

While I think the gray color is probably more versatile, I decided against it in the end because I have quite a few pairs of nude sandals/shoes.  I felt that whatever outfit I can wear gray with, I can wear nude.  So I went with the burgandy which are more unique I suppose.  Although, I'm kind of tempted to get the gray ones also!

The second pair of shoes I got from Sam Edelman is my fun splurge, which I actually came into my sense since and will go return them.  They are the Perth sandals in bronze.  I thought they kind of had that wow factor and would look great with a black dress or skirt.

But after I took them home, I tried them on with many dresses and outfits and found that they don't look that good with any of my existing outfits.  I think maybe they just go too high on my ankles and my legs are not long enough to pull off this look.  I would imagine someone who has really long and thin legs would look great with these on.  Nordstrom sold out of this color so they only have the solid black.  They are the same price on both sites though, not on sale at $175 which is not bad at all.  Giuseppe Zanotti makes lots of sandals like these, and they are at least 10 times the price!

The height of the heels are also more on the uncomfortable side, since they are 4.5 inch without any platform.  The side buckles are adjustable though, so you can adjust based on your arch.  These also fit true to size.

Surprisingly, these shoes are not as "loud" as you'd think. 

Well, I'm going to return them since they don't look that great with any outfits I own, and also because I simply don't have any occasions to wear them to.   But I still think they are cool, so if you have things to go with them, I'd say get these!

But, everybody needs to get the Anastasia sandals.  They will go with everything, no matter which one of the 3 colors you get.  =)

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Funday!

This was a relaxing week for me, since I took the latter half of the week off work.  I didn't have much to do, so it was nice to just relax!  I went to the gym, of course.  Probably spent too long there.  I love going to the gym at like 10 am during the week when hardly anyone else is there.  Wish I could have this schedule all the time!  Why is work always getting in the way of everything??  Hahaha.

So, I think I mentioned last week that I have decided to push myself even harder now at the gym.  I always thought I pushed hard, but maybe I need to up my pain threshold!  I think that's the only way changes will happen.  I've been trying to be more conscious of my form too, and hold just a little bit longer for each rep.  Anyway, I think it's working.  At least, I feel it more during the workouts as well as in the next day or so.  I just gotta eat better!  I've been not so great with my diet choices this week, since I've had quite a few obligations where I had to eat out.  Last night I went to a fancy birthday party in Bel Air, and they had sooooo many yummy little desserts that were tempting me all night! I guess I'm really a fat kid at heart.  Sigh...

Monday 10/13
What I did:  Lower body weights.

What I wore:  Lorna Jane Erika tank (my bf thinks this tank is really ugly because the bra and tank colors don't go well lol) with Lululemon Empower crop in coal/passion and Nike Free 3.0s in gray/crimson.

Tuesday 10/14
What I did:  Shoulder & tri, then 30 minutes on the gauntlet.

What I wore:  Lululemon 105 F Singlet in bruised berry with Lululemon Free To Be bra in very green under it.  Beyond Yoga Hyper Stripe long legging, worn as 7/8 legging, and same Nike shoes as Monday.

Wednesday 10/15 - Rest day

Thursday 10/16
What I did:  Glute/back/bi

More green/teal as to and from - the Alo Yoga Exhale long sleeve in fresh:

Friday 10/17
What I did:  Legs, then 30 minutes on the gauntlet.

What I wore:  Lorna Jane Replay tank with Lorna Jane Lola bra in sparkle gray under.  Lululemon wunder under crop in bordeaux drama, and Nike Free Bionics.

Saturday 10/18
What I did:  Upper body supersets, and then treadmill plyo and intervals for about 25 minutes.

What I wore:  Actually first time wearing this tank since I bought it - the Lorna Jane Wild at Heart tank, with Lorna Jane Somersault bra under it.  I really like the style of muscle tanks, and this one is especially cute because it shows the back of the bra.  But the two twisted braid things on the back makes the tank kind of back heavy so I had to keep pulling it down in the front every 10 minutes or so.  Oh well, I still liked it.  I wore it with Splits59 Nova Viper capri, and printed Nike Free 3.0s.

I love bright colors, but I do also love the monochromatic look sometimes.

I had fun with my red extension highlights last night for the fancy birthday party!  I actually bought more colors of these extensions, in hot pink, purple, and blue!  So fun!

And of course, I used my Sultra Bombshell to do my hair.  I seriously love this curler and don't know why I waited so long to buy it.

Anyway, here's the whole outfit: Hale Bob animal print silk dress with Vince leather scuba jacket over, and Sam Edelman Mallory wedges since no stilettos were allowed for this party (new floors).  I also carried my trusted Balanciaga city bag.

You can't see it in the photo, but in that bag is my new Salvadore Ferragamo continental wallet!  It's actually my almost 3 months late birthday present from my bf, because... he's a guy?  Lol.  He didn't know what to get me so I finally said just get me this wallet!  I like Ferragamo leather goods.  They are really good quality without being very recognizable, and their price point is more reasonable than many other similar scale brands.

I like the particular design of this wallet the best.  I've been looking at a lot of wallets the past year or so and this one is my favorite.  It opens up completely, has plenty of storage compartments, and I like the horseshoe! 

Look at allllll these card slots, as well as a zipper coin pocket!

I actually found this wallet on Ruelala for a $150 discount off of retail price, so he didn't even have to spend full price or pay sales tax!  I think it's a pretty nice present for myself lol.  I'm going to use it to death.  Maybe this is the way to go for future birthdays and holidays?  Forego the surprise element and get what you want for yourself... headache saved for bf... Everybody's happy?

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Two Lululemon Water Bound Tanks From the Online Warehouse Sale

Lululemon had an online warehouse sale last week and I caught it relatively early, thanks to my stupid schedule of having to be up by around 4 am everyday lol.  I usually like to be at the gym around 5 am, and I make a smoothie before I leave the house which is why I have no choice but to be up at such an hour.  I actually was shopping during my breaks in between sets at the gym.  But I really didn't find anything I was very interested in, save for the two Water Bound Singlets that I didn't even know had ever come out - in bruised berry and bleached coral (can't link, they are sold out already).  I guess I missed them when they came out at full price, otherwise I probably would have bought at least one!  I actually really like this tank, I have it in black and aquamarine already.

I was hoping that the bruised berry color would be more vibrant in this swim material, since I have the 105 F Singlet in bruised berry, which is a very similar silhouette.  I was happy to find that the color does indeed look brighter in the Water Bound singlet.  It's so pretty!

I really like the laser cut out designs in this tank.  I got them in size 4, which is the same as my other two.  This tank fits a bit tighter around the chest, so I definitely would not size down in it.  Though the body is a flowy fit.  I think 4 is the right size though.  Another thing I really like about this tank is how quickly the material dries.  I swear I can sweat in it for hours and then it is completely dry by the time I get to the locker room lol.  These tanks are also great to wear casually, or to the beach.

I love it in bleached coral as well.  I know this is a color that had come out a year ago or more, but this is actually the first time I've purchased something in it.  It's a nice in between of coral and orange.   Very pretty color. 

It's easier to see the cutout details on photos in this color:

The warehouse sale had these tanks priced at $29, which is a great price!  I'm definitely glad I picked them up early, because I checked the site later the same day and they were already sold out in all sizes.

I actually bought a pair of Groove pants for my mom during the sale too.  They were $59 which is not bad at all.  I got her some Splits59 relaxed fit pants a while back and she loves them.  I figured she would probably like Lululemon as well since she doesn't own any currently!  She was really stoked to find out that Lululemon pants are reversible.  Now it's more like $100 for 2 pairs of yoga pants instead of one.  =P

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

3rd Pair of Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 Shoes! Venom & Turbo Green

As you probably already know, I LOVE my Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 shoes!  I have two pairs so far, the fusion pink/atomic mango and the hyper cobalt/bright mango.  I wear both all the time.  They both go with a lot of clothing pieces that I have.  I'm always so surprised that the pink ones go with every shade of pink top that I have.  I think it's because of all the different pinks and oranges mixing into each other in the shoe.  So I got another pair in different colors - venom green/turbo green when they went on sale for only $69 at Macy's.  That's a great price!  I actually haven't really seen this color anywhere else.  I've been missing some green/teal sneakers in my life, so it was an easy choice.

By the way, Macy's also has my pink ones on sale for $69, and the hyper cobalt/bright mango ones for $89.  I highly recommend either, or both lol.

Anyway, these are my new ones:

When I ordered these from Macy's the other day, they only had size 5 and 6.5.  I normally wear size 6, but I can size up to 6.5 in most Nike shoes.  My pink ones are actually size 6.5 as well.  I feel like these green ones fit a little smaller though, so the size 6.5 feels more like a size 6.  Although I'm not sure if that's because they are new and haven't been worn in yet.  But that works for me, they fit perfectly!

I read a review somewhere that somebody didn't like the two completely different color fading on these shoes.  But that's kind of why I like them!  They look good not being totally matchy I think.

I've been seriously counting the days since I ordered them last week and I am super excited that they are finally here.  I cannot wait to wear them!  These shoes are really great for pretty much everything I do, from lower body weights to more plyo type of workouts, to higher impact cardio.  They are basically the prettiest shoes that do it all.  I think this style is my first pair of Nike shoes that I have really loved the fit as well as the appearance.  The other ones I have, I bought because they are pretty.   Nike makes the prettiest shoes.  I don't even need more sneakers but I usually can't help it!  =)

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