Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Latest Obsession - Aiko Trudie Silk & Leather Top!

My latest package arrival had me ohhh'ing and ahhh'ing over its content - the Aiko Trudie silk & leather top!  It's so cute!  It's got an effortless fit, silk, leather, and a unique looking back.  I love absolutely everything about it.

So I saw this top for sale on Ruelala and was about to pull the trigger at $69 (retails $250)  But I usually like to google the item I buy from these flash sale sites before I buy them, just to check if any other website has them for a better price!  Hey, it takes only a minute or so to do, and it could pay off so why not.

Well, my google result took me to eBay, where the same top was selling NWT for only $49!  So I bought it from eBay instead.  I don't discriminate.  

I gotta say, it's probably my best eBay experience ever!  The seller got it to me 2 days later from the other side of the country!  And, it arrived like this:

I thought I got a present lol.  When I wrote her a message to thank her, she said she was worried about creasing the leather back, and that's why she packaged it like that.  You really don't see this kind of thing at all on eBay!  So shocking... she actually has one more listed in the same size - I highly recommend it!

As soon as I took the top out, I knew I was going to like it.  I got it in size S which could sometimes mean it would fit too baggy, depending on the brand.  Since I didn't know this brand, I was basically just crossing my fingers that it would work.  Well... it turned out to be perfect and I love it!

So most of this top is rayon, but the black side panels are silk, and the back is perforated leather.

I thought this was funny - the tag has the brand's website on the bottom:

But if you try to go to that website, this is what you get:

Hmm... they must not be doing that well lol.  I love this top, but no way would I pay $250 for it.  That's kind of ridic.

Ruelala also had this top in black with white contrast.  I want it too!  But the boutique is gone from Ruelala already, and I can't find a black one anymore on the internets!  I guess I'll keep searching, because I just need it!  =P

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Funday!

This week felt like such a long week to me!  I took Monday off work.  For some reason, 4 day work weeks always seem to drag on forever.  Too bad that didn't carry over to the weekend as it flew by again... haha.  I had quite a few occasions during this week which made it hard for me to eat well.  So I felt the bloaty effect earlier in the week.  I did a little damage control this weekend, so I hope things will go back to normal for me next week!  I think eating nutritious foods has such a big impact on how I feel, both physically and mentally.  When I eat badly, I always feel tired and sluggish, which actually makes me NOT want to go to the gym.

I got all my workouts in this week though!  I think I'm going to make some changes to my workout regimen very soon.  I've been doing the same thing for a pretty long time now.  A shake up is definitely welcome at this point!  Stay tuned...

Monday 10/20
What I did:  Lower body weights, then 30 minutes on the gauntlet.

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in heathered angel blue with Lululemon Free To Be bra in spry blue under it.  Lululemon Pace crop, and Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 shoes in venom green/turbo green.

Nike Dri-Fit Epic Crew in volt as to and from.  I love this top in all 3 colors that I have.  This one matches the yellow of my new Nikes.  Hehe.

Tuesday 10/21
What I did:  Shoulder & tri, then 30 minutes on the gauntlet again.

What I wore:  Lululemon Water Bound singlet in bleached coral with Lululemon free to be bra in faded zap under.  Beyond Yoga Gathered Legging in nutmeg, and printed Nike Free 3.0s.

Lorna Jane Motivate LS as to and from:

Wednesday 10/22
What I did:  Glute/Back/Bi workout.  I was soooo tired, I think I was half asleep at the gym lol.  It was just one of those days.  I got home from work and took a 3 hour nap.

Thursday 10/23 - Rest day

Friday 10/24 - Rest day

Saturday 10/25
What I did:  Lower body weights.  Killed it.

Sunday 10/26
What I did:  Upper body supersets, followed by 100 burpees.  I did 30 seconds of 10 burpees followed by 30 seconds of rest, repeat for 10 minutes.  I used to do this a lot when I did the New Rules of Lifting for Women workouts, but hadn't done it for at least a year before today.  It's a killer!

What I wore:  Lija Fuse Approach tank with Lululemon Centered Energy Bra in flash under it.  Lululemon Run Ultra short and Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 in venom/turbo green.

These shorts are one of my oldest Lululemon pieces, which used to be a core item along with Speed shorts.  Then Speed shorts took over completely.  But I always liked the Ultra shorts better.

And that's the end!  Hope you all had a fabulously weekend!

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Lululemon Swiftly Tank, Roll Down Wunder Under Pant, Muscle Hustle Tee

I had been wanting to get the Lululemon Swiftly racerback in space dye heathered fuel green in a while, so I picked it up at the same time as my Tuesday night order.  I'm so happy I got this tank!  I absolutely love the color/print.  I am just really drawn to shades of green like this.  It's like my neutral.

I got this tank in my usual size up - 6.  I have the Swiftly tank in both size 4 and size 6.  For some reason this one feels more like a size 4 even though it's a 6.  So I don't get the more relaxed feel that I like in a usual size 6 in this style.  But I'm going to keep it anyways, just because I'm too lazy to deal with exchanging it.  This one fits fine.  Here it is on me, I still had my jeans and heels on hehe:

I really love the look of this tank up close though!

So what I wanted from Tuesday night's upload was the Roll Down Wunder Under Pant in Coco Pique Fuel Green.  Omg I was so annoyed when I received them.  They look totally different from the online pictures!  Am I crazy to think that the print goes horizontally on the line pictures??

Why does it look vertical in real life???

ARGH!  I hate them.  If I had known that the print was vertical, I would not have bought them.  I just don't like vertical prints in any pant really.  They also feel thin and not cozy like the herringbone printed ones that I already have.  I wanted to get these for casual wear when I go to cold places lol.  But they are thinner than my regular workout bottoms.  I tried to see if they were super see-through in a bend, and I could kind of see the color of my skin showing through as well as the outline of my underwear.  For the stupid $102 price, I can't wait to take them back.  SO disappointing!

Anyway, as seen above, I also picked up the Muscle Hustle Tee from the sale section.  I have to admit that I had been kind of interested in this pineapple tank since it first came out lol.  I know it's kind of weird to have a random pineapple on the shirt, but it's cute?!? 

The white logo makes it more suitable for casual wear too:

I actually tried this tank on the other day when I was at the Beverly Hills store.  They also only had size 6 or above, like the online inventory.  I normally wear size 4 in tanks, but I tried the 6 anyway and it wasn't bad actually.  I don't mind the looser fit at all.  I didn't buy it at the store though, because it was $34 and they marked it down to $29 online.  =P

Here's the tank up close, I had an orange bra on under, so it kind of shows through:

This tank is made of vitasea.  I don't think I have ever owned anything made out of vitasea so we'll see how it wears.  It feels nice to the touch though.  This is one of a few Lululemon tanks I own that I think can truly double up as a non-workout tank.  I'm happy to have scooped it up for the sale price.  Maybe I should get the other print too lol.

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