Monday, March 16, 2015

Alo Yoga Harlow Tank & Rift LS - So Nice!

I had some credit to spend at Equinox for referring a friend to join.  What better place to spend it than the shop?  Lol.  Well, actually the spa would be nice too.  But I walked by the shop and saw these super cute Alo tops.  Tried them on, and made them mine!

The first one I got is the Harlow Tank.  Apparently this tank is selling like hot cakes and pretty much sold out everywhere.  The Equinox store I went to only got 4 in (it's the flagship location!), and they were all sold out within a day!  I got the charcoal heather color, which I cannot find anywhere online right now.  You can google this tank, it also comes in white and teal.  Both are nice colors too.

I have a lot of Alo items, and I wear S or XS usually.  I tried size S in this top and it was too fitted for my liking, so I actually went up to size M.  I feel like this is the type of style that you'd want fitting looser.  I really like the style and fit of this top.  The open back, of course.  That's totally my thing.  But the nicest thing about it is the material!  It's called triblend fleece.  It's sooooo soft and not too thick.  The side panels are triblend jersey, which is thinner and more breathable.  

At first I wasn't sure about the style - sleeveless, with a big turtle neck?  But I love love love it!  I can wear it over a long sleeve top when it is cooler.

Here you can tell the difference in material between triblend fleece on front and back, and triblend jersey on the sides:

The next top I got is the Rift LS top in white heather.  It is also made of this amazing triblend fleece fabric on the front and back.  The sleeves are thinner, which is perfect for where I live.

I got this top in size XS.  I tried on size S as well, but it was not as flattering.  It was pretty much the same length but wider in the body, so it didn't do anything for me. 


The pockets are quite big... I can fit my whole hand in it:

The big funnel neck can also be folded down neatly, for a slightly different look.  Both look good, I think:

Here you can see the material difference in the fleece and the thin sleeve material (not sure what it is called, but it feels like the triblend jersey material in the side panels of the Harlow top):

The color is white heather, but it looks like a very light gray in person.  It also comes in charcoal (same color as my Harlow top above), and navy.  FYI if you are thinking of getting navy, the Alo website shows it as a much lighter color than it is in person.  In person it's a very dark navy, looked almost black to me.

I used to have the Lululemon Don't Hurry Be Happy pullover in polar cream which is pretty similar in style to this top.  But I like this one so much better.  I hated how hard it was to put on and take off the DHBH pullover.  It always made me so hot and I felt suffocated in it lol.  

Anyway, these tops are priced pretty fairly, which is probably why they sold out so fast.  The Harlow retails for $68 and the Rift LS is $82.  Although stupid Equinox always charges some kind of premium for most of the items they sell at their shop, so my prices were $75 and $90.  It's just dumb that they do that!  Oh well, my credit covered most of it so I only had to pay for a little out of pocket.  I think these are really nice tops though, I'd have paid full price for them if I didn't have my referral credit!  


  1. Love the harlow tank - so comfy yet stylish! Ordered the green in M from Alo website. I am 32C. Hopefully it is not too big. My first Alo piece and can't wait to get it!

    1. I think it will probably be ok. I'm a 34B, and my main complaint about size S is that it didn't have enough coverage on the front. It was weird to have half of your boobs hanging out lol. Let me know how it works out! The color looks very pretty online.


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