Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Nike Flash Tights! And Another Lululemon Bra...

A while ago, Nike made the Flash Reflective line which had the coolest tights!  They were $150.  I hesitated, and they were sold out.  Some of them went to ebay for crazy prices, of course.  But look how cute the women's pair is!  It's completely reflective too!

These tights were made in black/gold, black/silver, purple, red and teal.  I actually like ALL the colors!  But the black/gold pair was my #1 choice, which of course happened to be the hardest to track down.  The black/silver is still available on Net a Porter at retail price though.  Same color is on sale at Dillards, but only XL left.

I kind of gave up on tracking these tights down for a while, but then I decided to check again last week and finally found a pair in size XS that wasn't priced above $200!  I actually got mine for $20 below retail, which seems to be as good as it could get.  They arrived super fast too!

This was actually my first time trying Nike tights!  It's kind of crazy, since I have soooo many.  I just never liked Nike's material.  But they seem to be making more tights with nylon/spandex combo, which is much nicer than polyester (and price reflects that).  These tights happen to be 80% nylon and 20% spandex.  They feel very nice!  

I was crossing my fingers that size XS would fit.  I normally wear size S Nike tops, so I was not sure.  But I asked a friend of mine who wears Nike and is the same size as me, and she had informed me that XS is her Nike size which made me feel more confident buying them.  I am happy to say that they are the right size!  And they look super cool in person too!

However, the rise is lower than I like.  An inch higher would have made these so perfect!

The waistband is thin, but it's not a very tight fit.  I think it would slide down as you move since the rise is lower as well.  But there are ties on the inside of the waistband which you can adjust the fit.  Sometimes you make the waist too tight and you get skin (or love handles) hanging out the sides and it does not look very attractive.  This issue would be non-existent if the rise was higher!

There is a pretty decent sized zipper pocket on the back of the waist:

Another thing that I wish Nike would have done is to make the tights using one piece of material rather than piecing it together half way down the leg!  I seriously didn't even think this was the case when I saw the model pictures - notice how the lines don't line up perfectly around half way down the leg?  I thought it was the way the material folded on top of each other.  But it's actually where two pieces of fabrics meet and sewn that way!

Here's an even closer look... I can't believe they didn't even at least attempt to line up the material for $150 tights!

So, that is rather disappointing.  It's similar to Lululemon not making their lines even on both legs.  Something that once you notice, it bothers the crap out of you lol.  I still like them though - argh!

Anyway, I thought I'd test them out in complete dark and taking the picture with the flash on.  This is the result!

So I think it's safe to say that the reflectors work!  Looks pretty cool... hehe.

I think as far as print goes, Nike is really stepping up their game lately!  I am really really liking these Forevergradient Tight that are all sold out in smaller sizes.  I want them!!  =(

I also went to Lululemon today and got another Free To Be Wild bra!  Dang... they keep making this bra in cute colors.  This one was just uploaded online tonight - in dottie dash white black.  

This print reminds me of dalmatian print!  I really like that for some reason - I even have a blouse in this print lol.  So I just had to get it.  It will go with everything too.  The girls at the store said that people have found this particular print to fit tighter than other Free To Be Wild bras.  But I already size up in bras, and I tried it on in the store in my size up (6) which was ok for me.  If you are ordering online, be ware!

The print up close in person is actually like a digital print.  So it's not super saturated looking.

So anyway, I'm actually quite curious to try out these Nike Flash tights!  Too bad the reflective feature is kind of wasted on me since I don't workout outside lol.  But I am curious to see how they do for my weights workouts.  Will have to update you all later!


  1. I also recently purchased my first Nike crops and was so disappointed with the fit. The material was nice and thick but not stretchy and not compressive. Even though I got an xs (I wear size 4 in lulu), the legs were cut very loose. Compared to a pair of size 4 WU, you can see the Nike crops were cut more than 2 inches wider throughout! Bizarre. How were the fit on your nike tights? Here is a link to the crops I purchased (and returned): http://m.finishline.com//store/product/women-s-nike-legend-sunset-crop-tights?productId=prod772466

    1. Hmm that's weird they would fit so large! I think with tights from any brand, you have to look for material composition of nylon/spandex instead of heavily polyester blend. The material of these Nike tights I got is pretty good because it is 80% nylon and 20% spandex. It is definitely not loose. It's quite thick and stretchy, very comparable to the feel of Lululemon's luon.

      The ones you got are 88% polyester, according to the description on the link. I think that's part of the reason why they didn't feel very nice. Although I really don't have any experience with Nike tights other than these haha. They are cute though! I love ombre. Too bad the fit is so off.

  2. i dislike the seam splitting the crotch even more... it is not very flattering (hello, camel toe). and, more importantly parinful after a long day (especially if you go without underwear). why would they do that... there's a reason lululemon is so successful.

  3. Re Anon 12:29 - LLL also has seams running across the front of their pants, do you really wear them "commando" style? That's interesting.

    I went to Dick's Sporting Goods and they have a HUGE athletic section now. Tried on the Nike and agree, fit is not right. Under Armour fits great but not exactly the cutest look.

    MSE - they look great on you. Too bad rise is too low, I'm afraid of bending over or raising my hands if I wear a crop top.


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