Saturday, June 13, 2015

3 More Vince Tops from Bloomingdale's Private Sale

I couldn't help myself and bought 3 more Vince tops last week when Bloomingdale's had their private sale.  The sale was for every $100 you spend, you take $25 off.  Many sale items qualified as well.  So I thought what a good opportunity to pick up more Vince tops since I love them so much!  Seriously, I never understood why I should spend so much money on casual basics... until I tried on my first Vince top!  Now it's like my job to keep adding more to my closet!  =P

The first top I got is one that I've been eyeing ever since it first came out!  It's the Abstract tee.  It is a fairly new item so it's still at full price.  But the full price is $150 which is a lot lower than many other tops Vince offers.  I really like the print!

It's a linen top, but not the kind of linen that wrinkles, if that makes sense.  I got it in my normal Vince size, XS, and it is true to size.   But since it's a stiffer material than cotton or cashmere, it feels just a little tighter on the arms.  Not even to be uncomfortable by any means though.

This will be a great top to wear on those upcoming cooler summer evenings!  Here are some close ups of the fabric and print:

There's quite a lot going on there, but for some reason the print seems peaceful to me.  It kind of reminds me of a sail boat on the ocean!

The next top I got is the Variegated Stripe sweater in off white/coastal.  I actually saw this one in store when I bought the Variegated Stripe Moulin tee (I guess there are lots of different Variegated itmes?) in New York, and I almost bought this sweater too at the time.  Good thing I waited though, because it's on sale at Bloomingdale's from $245 to $183.  Plus the private sale discount.  This sweater is priced higher since it's a wool/cashmere blend.  It's actually very lightweight though.  Nordstrom has it on sale currently for $146.  Vince's own website is also selling it for $146.

As usual, the XS seems to be the perfect loose fit that I love.  I can also wear this to work.

The material feels so soft and nice.  As soon as I put it on, I totally cut the tag off right away and didn't take it off all night.

The 3rd top I got is the Striped Boatneck tee in peony.  This is actually the first Vince item I put on and didn't love!  I was wondering when that was going to happen lol.  I actually dislike both the fit and material.  The size XS is WAY too big in this top.  It looks like I'm swimming in it.  The fabric is a mix of linen and metallic, which feels kind of scratchy on the skin.  I'm not even that crazy about the color either.  At $195, it is an easy pass.

Here you can see how huge it is:

It looks so frumpy, and the back is too long, making me look like I have no legs:

Not sure if you can see, but the stripes have silver metallic in them:

I'm still very happy with this order, and very happy with Vince products.  One item doesn't work out of like 20 is really not bad at all!

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