Monday, November 30, 2015

Vince Order!

The very first website I purchased from after Thanksgiving dinner was Vince!  In fact, they are still having 25% off everything (code WRAPUP25) until midnight!  As usual, I love everything I got.  Vince has got to be the most consistent brand I know.  So I don't even mind giving them all my money lol.

First thing I got was the Dempsey Knee High Boot in ceramic which I have been wanting to get as soon as they came out!  I know I just got a pair of Tory Burch boots and I live in LA where there's almost no season for boots ever, BUT I just love them!!  =P

I love gray boots.  Been wanting a pair forever.  These boots are not cheap though.  They were originally $695, but they are now on sale for $417 and you get an extra 25% off.  So that makes them about $312 which is a lot more reasonable.  It's pretty much the top end of what I'd pay for a pair of boots considering how little use I get out of them!  I love these though.  They are very slimming and even though they look high, they are extremely comfortable!  I don't even know how that's possible.  I compared them side by side with the Tory Burch Sarava boots I just got and they seem to be exactly the same height.  But these feel SO much more comfortable so I don't know what's up with that.

I got them in size 7, which is my usual boot size (regular shoe size +1).  I think they are the right size.  But if I wanted a snug fit around both the feet and legs, I may go down to 6.5 or something.  But I'm happy with the way the size 7 fits.

Half zip on the inner side.  But pretty easy to put on and take off.

By the way, these boots came in the biggest box you can imagine, with a ginormous dust bag too lol.

I also really love the Colorblock Stripe Superwash Sweater I got.  I like the pattern, and the fit is exactly what I have come to expect from all my other Vince tops.

I got it in size XS too.  The material is mostly merino wool, but it's thin and super soft!  I think the price is pretty much as low as it gets too, at $98 + 25% off.  Here it is on me, including the boots:

The back is slightly longer than the front:

Next, I got the Graphic Stripe Asymmetric Drape Vest (full size run available here) which I have been wanting since I first saw it at Nordstrom when it came out!  I guess it's kind of a similar type of pattern as the top above.  It's a wool and cashmere blend and it's actually thicker than I thought it would be.  But I'm glad it's sleeveless, since that means I won't overheat in it.  It was on sale for $150, which is not bad.

It doesn't come with a strap or any other closure mechanism, so it can only be worn open.  I got it in size S, and it's definitely a comfortable fit.

It's like wearing a comfortable blanket lol.

If I want a more fitted look, I can easily add any belt to it and it will have a totally different look:

I am using an Ann Taylor belt here:

Lastly top I got was the Rib Sleeve Drape Front jacket in off white.  I love white blazers.  But for some reason I find most blazers to be uncomfortable after a few hours of wear.  Usually the back of the collar starts to put too much pressure on my neck and it gives me a headache.  It's a weird issue and I've never heard of anyone else with it.  But it happens to me with almost every blazer I have!  I was hoping this one would be better since it has no collar... and also the ribbed sleeve would make it very comfortable.

The smallest size available when I bought it was size 2.  I was worried it would be a bit too big, since Vince runs on the large side, and the smallest size they made in this blazer was 00.  But I took a chance anyways, because I'd probably wear it open most of the time and this style seems like it would be ok being a little loose. 

I think my assessment was correct.  It does fit pretty loosely around the waist.  But I think it looks fine.  It's super comfortable so I'm hoping it won't give me the neck/headache issue!  It ended up being $133 and I think that's a decent price for a blazer.

It doesn't look too bad buttoned up either, but definitely loose.  I like it better unbuttoned.

Ok, the last item I got from Vince was the Signature Collection Stamped Croc Baby Crossbody in "forest".  It's a small bag that can be converted to a clutch by removing the straps.  I like it, 2 for the price of 1.  Hahaha.  And it was $119 after the discount which is not bad either.


For some reason I thought it was going to be slightly bigger than it is though!  The measurements are 8.25 X 6 X 2 inches.  I guess I was imagining an inch or 2 larger in my head.  But my wallet, phone and keys will all fit in it so that's good enough.  I have many large purses anyway!

Here it is on me:

The straps are wrinkly now since they were folded and tucked into the dustbag.

I like the croc skin looking texture, and the color is great!  Will go with a lot.

The straps can be removed by "unbuttoning" from each side of the back of the purse:

There is magnetic closure on the flap so it will stay down nicely.  But here is the under side of the flap:

The inside is pretty simple - just 1 pocket:

And that's everything I got from Vince!  Pretty happy with everything and super relieved about that, since it's all non-returnable!  I hope you were able to score some good deals this weekend as well, either from Vince or elsewhere!  But if you are on the fence, I highly recommend giving Vince a shot.  I own so many Vince pieces now and it never disappoints!


  1. That's a pair of nice gray boots! Btw because of your review, I started looking for the tb boots but of course I've been having no luck in finding my size :/

    1. Oh no! They are sold out of the stores too now? I think Bloomingdales still has the brown one in full size run if you like that color. What size/color are you looking for?

  2. You're making me want over-the-knee boots!!! they're so cute, but they a trend I'm timid to try. LOVING all these outfits tho!


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