Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Lululemon Wunder Under Pant Cosmic Dot

I finally decided to order something from Lululemon's upload last week - the Wunder Under pant in cosmic dot.  

I like the galaxy-like colors in this print, and thought I'd give them a shot.  So I ordered them in my normal size 4.  I received them over the weekend and I think they somehow remind me a lot of my Nike Forevergradient tight, even though they are not really alike if you look at them side by side:

Well, the idea is the same I guess.  But because of that, I don't think I'll keep the Lulu ones.  I'm not crazy about the big black squares on the print anyway.  They seem darker in person than online.

Here they are on me!  As usual, the Wunder Under Pant is too long for me so it pools at the ankles.  But as you can see, the pattern placement on the pair I got is exactly the same as the one on the web photo (keep in mind I am taking my pics through a mirror so it is the reverse of how it looks on the model).

These are made of full-on luon.  It's ok.  I'm not super crazy about this material either.

They are true to size though.  But they are semi-sheer when you are in a squatting position.  Kinda sad, since they are supposed to be "full-on".  Not true.

This print also comes in the High Times pant, which is a way better length on me.  But if the pattern place is the same on all the High Times pant, then it doesn't look as unique as on the Wunder Under pant.  The front doesn't show any of the violet color at all:

The back does though:

Well, I don't think I'll be exchanging since I'm not crazy about the pattern nor the fabric lol.  But I do think that if I didn't already have the Nike tights, I'd be a little more tempted to keep these.  

On a side note, I think I've kicked my Lulu addiction to the curb.  I don't even check regularly for the weekly uploads anymore, and I rarely feel like buying anything from them when I do check.  I'm so happy that I'm now saving so much money not buying Lulu, so I can spend it on my new addiction which is Louboutin shoes... lol!  


  1. ah too bad you're not keeping them they look so good on you!

  2. I received a pair by mistake. I didn't even border them! Too bad they reverse to white. When stretched you can see the white. I found them very tight in my tts as well. They were not slimming & too loud fir my taste. I would've probably liked that print in speed shorts, but it was too much for me in full length leggings.

    1. *didnt even order them. (Not border..)

    2. do you mean that they were added to your order by mistake or that you received someone else's order that you didn't even pay for? if the later, hopefully you did the right thing and let lulu know about the mistake!

  3. I just got the High times in these- and the print is more like your WU's and I love them! Feel great- not sheer, keeping!!

  4. When I first saw this print I didnt like it at all -- but the more pictures I see of it the more i like them ---- I think they look great on you and you should keep them!!!


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