Friday, August 21, 2015

Black Orchid Noah Mid Rise Super Skinny Jean in Groovy Baby

I got a pair of new jeans from Bloomingdales in a brand that's new to me, and I am in love!  They are Black Orchid Noah Mid Rise Super Skinny Jean in groovy baby.  They are sold out at Bloomingdales now, but they are still available at Revolve in a few sizes.  I actually first saw them on a Kendal Jenner picture!  I loved them on her, but I didn't want to spend too much on another pair of jeans (they were $189).  I kept my browser tab with the Bloomingdales link open for a couple weeks and by chance when I restarted my browser and the page refreshed, I saw that they only had my size left and they were on sale for $132!  So I thought that was kind of a sign that I had to get them lol.

Here's the picture of Kendal Jenner that I saw.  I'm not a fan of denim on denim, but the jeans look good on her:

And this is the Bloomingdales picture - pretty cute too!

So I never know what size to get in jeans.  I have jeans ranging from size 25 - 27.  But I mostly wear 26 or 27.  Since these are called "super skinny" jean, and the only size available when I got them was size 27, that is the size I got.  I figure it's always better to be a little loose than too tight and uncomfortable.

Well these are actually stretchier than I thought!  I think size 27 is fine, but the waist is a bit loose.  They are mid rise, so they won't really fall down, and I can always wear a belt.  The legs/butt fit well.  A size down might be too tight and hard to get on, I think.  

Regardless, as soon as I put them on, I was so in love with them that I tore off the tags!  Though I guess I'm a lot shorter than Kendal Jenner or the model because they are not ankle length on me lol.  Not as long as other designer brands though.  I don't mind a bit ruching on the bottom.

I love the various colored patching!  They are very different looking!

Here's the Black Orchid logo, it's cute:

So this is my first time trying on Black Orchid.  I am very impressed!  I love the fit of these jeans.  The rise is perfect because it's high enough to not fall down, and low enough so it doesn't look like mommy jeans.  The material is very soft.  It's not stretchy like leggings, it's just the right amount of stretchy!  I really really like them.  I'm already looking for more styles I like from this brand.

When I was browsing the Black Orchid website, I saw that they now have a new Noah style in concrete catwalk.  They are not as "loud" as the groovy baby color I got, but I think they are cute too:

When I wore these jeans out the other day, I got a lot of stares.  I realize they look different, so I guess the stares or either love or hate lol.  I don't care though, I love them!  =P

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  1. I love Black Orchid denim. I', 5'11 though, so they don't pool on me at the ankles lol.


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