Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bloomingdale's Cashmere Sweaters

Sometimes Bloomingdale's has some crazy sale and you can get a really good score.  This happened to me when they had the "sale is on sale" promotion a couple weeks ago.  I got 3 cashmere sweaters for less than $100 total, after tax!

One of them is actually a cashmere blazer.  I had first seen it when I walked through the store months ago.  Back then, it was $300 and I didn't feel like spending that much on it.  Then I kept watching it online and it went on sale for about $150.  I almost pulled the trigger.  Then it went on sale again to like $80.  Again, I almost pulled the trigger.  But for some reason I waited, and then it was $40... LOL!  Ok, I bought it then.  The only thing is, they only had size XS left when I got it.  I would have preferred size S.  But I got it anyways and I'm gonna keep it!  It is the C by Bloomingdale's Contrast Tipped Cashmere Blazer.  I see that they still have the gray color, but it is now $169 again!  How crazy is that!

The XS is a little short.  Maybe the S would be too, who knows.  But it does button up fine in size XS.  For the price, I am totally keeping it.  I love the black/white contrast look.  I also love the sweater/blazer combo a lot!

The second sweater I got is the C by Bloomingdale's crewneck cashmere sweater in cobalt.  I got this one in size S.  I think this is the perfect sweater!  It went from like $158 to $20?!  lol.  I should have bought one in every color.

Love the looser fit and long length of this sweater.  Color is great too.

And the 3rd sweater I got is basically the same style but V neck - C by Bloomingdale's V Neck cashmere sweater, in charcoal.  They only had XS left so that is the size I got.  It is just as long as the crewneck.  Not too tight either.  I still prefer size S though.  But this one was also $20!

These are like scores of the year!  I think they are very nice neutrals to have, and I'll get a lot of use out of them.  

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