Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Lululemon It's A Cinch LS Tee

I went to Lululemon yesterday to return my cosmic dot wunder under pant.  I wasn't planning to buy anything, but I found the It's A Cinch LS Tee on the mark down rack and decided to try it on.  I actually liked this one a lot when I first saw it online, but no way was I going to spend $98 on it.  At the store, the gray one was marked down to $69 which is the same price as the web right now.  But there was only one heathered zinfandel / winter orchid stripe left, and it was $59.  So I got it.  Though it rang up at $69 when I was buying it so maybe someone just put the wrong sticker on it.  They gave me the sticker price though.  Works for me haha.

What I love most about this top is that it's reversible.  It's like $59 for 2 tops!  I actually do wear my reversible tops both ways (such as the Turn Around LS).  It's also thicker than what you would imagine to be a "tee".  It's more like a knit top, very comfortable on.  Made of soft cotton modal.

I love that one side is solid and the other side is stripes.  The gray one actually has raspberry colored stripes on the opposite side.  I love this top in gray too, but I have too many gray tops and need to branch out.  Plus I'm not crazy about such a bright pink stripe.

Anyway, here is the top on me.  I got it in my regular size 4.  It fits loose, but I like it.  I would not size down.

If you fold down the collar, you see the stripes which is a cute touch.  You can pull the cinch on the collar to make the front look more puckered (not sure why you'd do that though?).  I was actually trying to smooth it out completely, but it doesn't seem to want to do that.  This is as stretched out as it gets:

The logo on this side is almost imperceptible on the lower left side:

The reverse side has the stripes, but there are solid colored panels as well so it has more of a contrast look on this side:

The logo is on the same lower left spot on this side.  But you can see it a lot easier here:

So ever since I got home, I've been even happier with this top because it's just so comfortable!  I can always use tops like this that are easy to put on with any outfit.  The weight is perfect for SoCal, and I love the relaxed fit.

But I still would not recommend spending $98 on it unless you are desperate or have tons of money to waste lol.  $59 is probably the most I'd spend on it, and only because it's reversible.  I'd consider getting the black one if it goes on sale too.  

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  1. I have to admit, I bought both colours because I couldn't decide. They were so comfy.


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