Friday, January 9, 2015

Lululemon Wunder Under Crop in Animal Swirl - Get These!

I just received the Lululemon Wunder Under crops in animal swirl deep coal light, which I ordered on Tuesday night.  Omg, they are awesome!  The fabric is completely different from other luon Lululemon bottoms.  They are more compressive, and unlike some of the recent versions, these are not silky to the touch at all.  They are more velvety, that's the best I can describe it I think.  I like it!  The fit and feel are both super nice.

Strangely, the fabric content shows a pretty high percentage of polyester.  They don't have the normal "polyestery" feeling at all.

I really like that they made these with coal as the base color, instead of black embossed.  Well, admittedly that would have been cool too.  But I have so many black based crops that I prefer something different.

As seen above, I ordered my normal size 4.

I also feel like these wunder under crops have a higher rise than my other ones.  Not sure if that's specific to this print, or if Lulu changed their design a bit?  I like it though.  They now feel more like the Wunder Grooves to me.

I'm glad Lululemon started making cooler prints instead of the hot pinks, which you can only have so much of.

I also ordered the Totally Toasty Toque in heathered methol since it went on sale!  I ordered it last week when it was super cold here.  But it arrived so late that it's 80 degrees here again... lol!  Dang.. I wish I had it last week, because it's completely lined with sherpa and it's so toasty indeed!


Luckily they look more like the above photo on me, instead of standing up like in the below photo.  I think this is why this toque had to go on sale... hahaha... how silly of Lulu to use it!  I would not have bought it if I only saw this photo:

Here it is on me.  I have a big head with a lot of hair lol.. it fits!

Here are some photos of the inside... super soft!

This is completely turned inside out:

Glad I got this for the sale price of $29!  I think it later went down even more to $19.  But oh well.  $29 is still much better than original price of $52.  I would probably only have a chance to wear it about twice a year lol.  So that's as much as I'd want to spend on it.  If I lived in a cold place though, I would buy it in every color!  =)

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  1. Wow! The hat is so cute and I love the sherpa. I wish I bought one but like you said, all the pics of the hand standing up high was a turn off!

    Tempted by the animal swirl wuc (though I think "animal swirl" sounds really weird! lol), but I've been slapping my hand when it comes to buying new bottoms, so I'll see. By the way, I tried the houndstooth ombre wup and it sounds like the fabric is the same as these animal swirl wucs! Just fyi....I know you mentioned you didn't need the length.

    Btw it's nice to see your face every once in a while :) (Though I understand why you wouldn't show your face all the time on a public blog.)

    1. Ohhh thanks for the tip on the houndstooth! Maybe I do need them after all. =) The hat is pretty awesome actually! Maybe the stores still have them? I don't know if they ever came to my area, since I don't go to the stores very often and I know we don't get a lot of cold weather items.

      I think if I didn't have a regular job in a somewhat conservative field, I would post more face shots. But as it is now, I don't want my face to appear all over google whenever somebody searches for a Lululemon items I've written about! I don't know if that's something I can get fired over, but I think there's definitely only down side to it so not worth the risk!

    2. That makes sense! Plus, as it is I've seen your pictures posted quite a bit on ebay or wherever... It'd be extra creepy if your face was in it for sure :/

  2. I have the black animal swirl embossed inspire tights, and I LOVE the subtle print. These tights are my first embossed item from lulu, and I'm hooked. I like how they do the embossing on other colors too, so I'll have to keep my eyes out for that.


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