Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lululemon Inspire Crop & Free To Be Wild Bra in Cyber Stripe

I bought the Lululemon Inspire Crop in cyber stripe last week.  I wasn't (and still am not) too sure about the solid black mesh area on the back of them.  But my new place is literally right behind a Lululemon store so I'll be able to return stuff very easily, which means I'll be buying more stuff to try lol.

I think I kind of like them though, despite the big black mesh.  But the stripes on pair I got don't line up well between the two legs.  It's not like symmetry is super important to me, so I may be able to get over it.  I don't know.  I feel like it might be something that once you notice it, it will be all you see.

The material on these feel different.  They are definitely stretchier and not as silky as the full-on luxtreme Inspire crops I've been getting lately.  They are also thinner, but still have pretty decent compression.  You can almost feel the texture of the stripes on the material, that's the best I can describe it.  I don't mind this at all.

As usual, I got them in size 4.  I think this picture is pretty evident that the stripes really don't line up well:

The back is slightly better:

These stripes are pretty though:

Soooo... I think I'll keep the tags on these for another week and see what else comes out.

I'm not really a huge fan of the Free To Be Wild bras, because there's just 4 too many stripes on the back for me lol.  The regular Free To Be bra is just perfect IMO.  Too many straps can look too busy.  But, I was just thinking that I wanted a light gray colored bra, with mint colored straps... and then this one came out in cyber stripe white silver fox/sea mist!  I guess it was a sign so I had to buy it.  It is pretty!

I sized up to 6 in this bra, as I usually do with the Free To Be bras.  This bra fits about the same as the Free To Be bras too.  I just don't like having to adjust the straps to make sure they line up ok on the back.  They get twisted so easily.  I like the color combo a lot, but I really wish it was a Free To Be!  Well, I'm gonna keep the tag on for a while and see if the same color combo comes out in Free To Be.  Probably not.  So I'll most likely keep this one.

By the way, I haven't bought bras from Lululemon in quite a while.  Apparently this is how they ship bras now?  With the cups outside?  Lol.  At least they are including cups, so that's a plus.  I can't remember the last time I bought a bra/tank online that actually came with cups.

I think this is the last post where I'll be posting from my current place/picture background.  I haven't figured out where to put my mirror in the new place yet, but it will definitely look different!  =P

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  1. OooOo, the fact that the stripes don't line up on the Inspire crops would drive me crazy. Lulu missed the mark on these IMO in a major way. I have a pair of the coal strata WUCs from a couple years back and they are sooo flattering to the backside because the stripes line up perfectly, thus creating a lifting effect. The cups on the outside for the bra is something I haven't seen before. Weird.


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