Thursday, January 14, 2016

More Black Orchid Jeans

As I've mentioned before, I have fallen in love with jeans from the brand Black Orchid.  I have 2 pairs of their jeans so far, the Noah mid rise super skinny and the Jude mid rise super skinny.  I find their material to be super soft and stretchy and fit is perfect.  When I wear them I just feel like I'm wearing yoga pants or something.  But I look much more put together than wearing workout clothes around.  It's funny, I have so much workout clothes, but I just don't like wearing them when I am not working out.

A few weeks ago, Hautelook had Black Orchid jeans for sale, and I decided to get 3 more pairs with the intention of returning 1 or 2.  Now that I received my order though, I may just keep all 3 pairs!  I spent only $180 for all 3 pairs anyway.  My plan is to slowly replace most of my jeans with Black Orchid jeans lol.  

My favorite pair I got is the Billie Zipped Distressed Skinny in "black rock".  I can't find the exact same ones to link, but here is the non-distressed version in black, in charcoal, and in red (on sale)!  And here's the distressed version without the moto pockets.

So there are 3 zipper "pockets".  I say it in quotes because there are no pockets lol.  They are more like faux pockets, or just 3 zippers.  I wish they were actual pockets.  But I do like the moto-style design.

They look quite distressed:

Out of all my Black Orchid jeans, this Billie distressed style fits the most loose.  They are size 27, which is the same size as the other 2 pairs I already own.  For all of them so far, I think I could actually wear size 26, but I like my jeans not skin tight so I buy 27.  These run just a tiny bit bigger, but I would say not even half a size.  I feel the most difference in the legs, but that may be because they have big holes in them so they don't feel as compressive!

The next pair I got and tore the tags off immediately is the Noah midrise super skinny in "fall in line".  The thing is though, when I ordered them and when I tore the tags off, I thought they were gray.  But then I went outside and they looked olive to me!  I wanted gray jeans.  But it's really a color between gray and olive.  So basically a gray with green undertone.  Not bad.  My problem is that once I put on Black Orchid jeans, it's hard to take them off lol.

Not a bad color - just not what I expected:

The 3rd and final pair I got are is the Black Jewel mid rise jegging in "after hours".  They are just your good old dark wash denim color.  The color is nothing special, but will definitely get wear.  I may consider returning these for something more exciting.  I haven't decided.

So even though all the Black Orchid jeans have different style names, I really can't tell the difference between them.  Billie, Jude, Noah... whatever, they all fit me the same and they are all fabulous hahaha.  So that's all that matters.  Their material feels very similar in all the different washes, and sizing has been pretty spot on as well so that makes me happy.  I'm going to keep looking out for these when they go on sale.  If you are in the market for some new jeans, I'd definitely recommend checking this brand out.  I feel that jean brands are actually quite personal and what works for you really depends on your body type and preference.  I've tried soooo many different brands and I'm glad I found this brand.  So maybe it will work for you too!

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