Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Vince Boucle Scuba Jacket with Leather Sleeves

I posted last week about my newest purchase - the Vince Knit Scuba jacket from their friends & family sale that I got for a great price!  The day after I ordered it, I made another order for the Boucle Scuba Jacket with leather sleeves.  It arrived just as fast as the Knit Scuba jacket, which was less than 2 days after I made my order!  I am so glad I got it, because based on the picture on the Vince website, I was not interested at all:

The jacket just looks so boxy on the model above.  But I saw the same jacket on Bluefly and it looks like a completely different jacket!  This jacket is on sale at Bluefly for $320, but the Bluefly price was almost $100 more than the vince.com price, especially with the 25% off from friends & family sale.  So I felt like I had to buy it, even though it was final sale.

I got this jacket in size XS too, which is the same size as all my other Vince jackets.  I feel that this one fits a little bit looser in the body.  Though I'm not sure if it's enough to size down.  It's already a short jacket, sizing down may make it way too short.

I love the black leather trim details on the gray jacket.  The color is called heathered medium gray, by the way.  As you can see, most of the jacket is made of the tweed material, which I love.  It's not too thick or too thin.  It's definitely not a heavy winter jacket by any means.  But I think you shouldn't expect it to be, once you see the pictures.  

The leather sleeves have ribbing on the bottom of each sleeve.  The leather itself is actually shiny.  Interesting, I expected it to be matte.

Since the tweed material is not as stiff as leather or the knit Scuba material, there are snap buttons around the collars to make it stay in place.

Otherwise the collar area would probably cumble.

The two side pockets are sewn shut, but they are real pockets so if you cut away the stitching you can use them.

Same as the Knit Scuba, the zipper pull is matte black too:

Again, this jacket can be worn unzipped or zipped.  I would opt for unzipped at least half of the time though.  But here it is zipped up:

So, the price of this jacket was so good with the Vince sale.  It is now back up to $278.  It's still a big discount from the original price of $695 though.  Neiman Marcus has it for only $182, actually, which is a steal!  But it's sold out in all sizes but M and L.  Bloomingdales has size S, but it is at a way higher price of $365.  Who knows, maybe they'll price match though!  I find that Vince jackets are always made with nice quality and craftsmanship.  It's totally worth splurging a little!  A nice jacket can always dress up an outfit instantly, which is a great investment piece!

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  1. That looks really cute, a lot of higher end coat and jacket manufacturers stitch up the front pockets so that they don't bag out of shape when the jacket is hung up for display. I bet that's why those pockets are closed, it should just be a tacking stitch and easy to remove.


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