Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tops from Banana Republic and Nordstrom

I went shopping with a friend on Saturday to help her look for a suit for an upcoming interview.  She ended up getting a whole outfit, and I ended up getting 2 tops too!  Haha.  I actually didn't plan to buy anything, since I've been doing a loooot of shopping lately.  But I really like both the items I got, and they were on sale!

The top I got from Banana Republic is the Dot Chiffon Layered Blouse, in black.  It also comes in an ivory color.  I really love this top!  It's great for work or to wear with jeans.  The best part is that it's on sale for $68 now with an additional 40% off (code "GIVING")!  I actually bought more blouses from Banana online tonight because they went on sale and I was able to get them for like $29, etc.

So I love this top so much that I also ordered the ivory one tonight.  This is size XS.  It's double layered with the bottom layer being very sheer.  The sleeves are sheer as well.  The shorter layer on top has dotted print in it but it's subtle, especially in black.

You can see my belt and sliver of skin around the stomach, but that's because my arm was raised while taking these pictures.  When my arms are down, you cannot see any skin.

I hope I love the other blouses I bought tonight as well!  But will have to report back once I receive them.

The next top I got was from Nordstrom - the Halogen Woven Hem Layered Look Sweater, in blue ivory fishnet print.  I like it, because it's a different look.  It's like a backwards sweater with buttons on the back, and made to look like you are wearing a long blouse under it.  It's also super comfy.

I got it in size XS.  The store I was at only had XS and M.  I would have liked to be able to try on the size S though.  The sweater layer portion might have been a little longer in the front in S.  But I tried on M and it was just a little too loose overall.  I'm not mad at the fit of the XS though.  It's still loose and long enough I think.

Faux buttons:

Not sure why they designed the sweater overlay to be way shorter in the back.  I think it would have looked more "real" (like you are truly wearing a sweater over a blouse) if it was the same length all around.

But anyway, it's still cute though!  It's on sale for $49 now and there are all kinds of color combos.  I think this is also a top that I can wear both to work and casually.  I'm all about versatility nowadays!

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