Saturday, July 25, 2015

Got the Lululemon SE Mesh Roll Down Wunder Under Crops!

I mentioned in my last post about the Lululemon Breezy Singlet that I had ordered the Lululemon SE Mesh Roll Down Wunder Under crops in wee are from space silver spoon.  I was super obsessed with these that I went ahead and ordered them from the Australia site last week, before finding out that they were going to be coming to the US after all.  I just couldn't take any chances, ya know?!  The pair I got coming from Australia are in size 6 though, since that was the only size not sold out.  But the ones I ordered on the US site on Tuesday night were my regular size 4, which arrived yesterday!  I just checked the site and it looks like they are completely sold out already.  But the black version is still available in all sizes.  They just don't have the same appeal.

I just think the design around the calves with the mesh and the wave looking laser cut hem is so gorgeous!  This is the type of design that attracts me to Lululemon.  I'm not really into super feminine details on my clothing items, and I think the design on these crops have the right level of girliness without going overboard (like bows or ruffles... yuck).  They managed to still stay interesting and fashion forward, and I'm super happy with them in person too!

I think the size 4 is definitely the right size for me.  They are a very comfortable fit, actually.  There's no digging anywhere, and no excessive tightness around the calves.  They are not super compressive, because the material is quite stretchy.  But the fabric still has substance to it so the coverage is pretty good for such a light color.  If I get into a deep squat position, then I can see the outline of the rip tag underneath.  So I guess they are somewhat sheer in that case.  But I always expect some level of sheerness with lighter bottoms, and this is well within the reasonable range for me.  They are similar to the cyber stripes High Times pant in silver fox, if you have those.  I'm very happy with these.  

You can better see the design on the inner leg on this side view:

Since they have the roll down waist, they go up super high - this is just like the High Times pant, you can just wear them like this and have a completely smooth tummy!

 Here's a super up close shot of the wee are from space silver spoon print:

Here's the view of the mesh design from the front:

Mesh from the back:

If Lululemon started designing more items like this one, they would definitely set themselves apart from their stiff competition and I would give them my money all day long!  I haven't seen any other brands with designs like this.  So kudos to Lulu for coming up with it!  I'm excited to see which of my shoes and tanks will go well with these crops!


  1. I got these yesterday, too, and I agree with everything you said. I haven't bought any lulu in a long time except for a couple random tees. But they definitely brought it with these! Reminds me of why I loved lulu. (Like you I am also not into ruffles, etc.) The pretty plume print is also refreshing and I'm toying with getting the WUP when they come out. Maybe a little too "fancy" for me in the end but a lot has felt stale to me lately. It feels like they are breathing new life into their designs :) Happy to see it.

    1. I think I will get those too! At least order them and try them on. =)

  2. hi! can i ask you a favour? i want to know the exact colour name of these WUCs but they are sold out online and i bought mine in the store. can you check your lulu account receipt thing and let me know? it should be something like: wee are from space xxx/silver spoon. since the colour code is WASS/SIS. thanks a million! i'll come back and check soon to see if you answered :)

    1. They are just wee are from space silver spoon/silver spoon. So I think it pretty much can be shortened to just "wee are from space silver spoon". =)

    2. thank you SO MUCH!!!! :)


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