Friday, June 5, 2015

Vince Variegated Stripe Mouline Scoop Neck Tee

I did almost 0 shopping in New York, mostly because there was so much to do that I really didn't have any time to shop!  I probably could have made some time though, but my bf is not a big fan of shopping.  Once in a while, he buys a bunch of stuff at once.  But he'd have to be in the mood, which is few and far between.  So the only shop I walked into in New York was in the financial district.  It was actually a mall that has Lululemon and Vince directly across from each other as soon as you walk in.  Then the next 2 stores are DvF and Theory.  Omg.  It's like my favorite brands got together and had a party.  I only shopped at Vince though.  They happened to have some specials that were 40% off.  I swear I could have bought the whole store, but I had to shop quickly so I only came home with one top - the Variegated Stripe Mouline Scoop Neck tee in off white / rosewood.

I actually like it even more than I thought I would!  I think it also looks better in person than online.  The material looks like a thin cotton on the web photos, but it is actually thicker and a little bit silky.  I don't really know how to describe it.  I just know that it's nice!  The fabric composition states 80% rayon and 20% polyester.  It also comes in black which is nice too.  I'm considering getting it as well lol:

I got size XS, which is my usual Vince size.  I love the loose but flattering fit.  I think it's seriously the perfect top to have!  I even wore it to work yesterday, despite the rather casual look.  I was going to a Dodger game after work, so it was easy for me to just throw on some jeans and keep the same top.  Except I forgot the Dodgers were playing the Cardinals which is red lol.  It's one thing to not wear blue, but another to wear the opposing team color right?  Oops.  

Luckily I had a jacket to wear over it, but I was also wearing my Ella Moss Evelyn pumps which have this red zig zag pattern on the wedge that kind of matches the shirt!

Good thing no one beat me up lol.  But it reminded me that I should go buy this cute Dodger shirt that I saw at the downtown Victoria's Secret store.

But anyway, here's my Vince top up close!

I just really like everything Vince is producing lately.  It was even better than I got this top for a discounted price!  I was doing some googling online, and found the same top at Bloomingdales in black only, on sale for $115.  But Bloomingdales is having their private sale right now until 6/7, which gives you an additional $25 off.  That's about the same price I paid for it.  Nordstrom carries the rosewood color that I got, and it is on sale for $98.  They have the black one too for the same price.  

I think my plan is to just buy all the Vince shirts that I like lol.  They are expensive, but it seems like most items do go on sale at some point.  Now that Lululemon is horrifying me with all their scary looking prints lately, I need to give my money to someone else.  I am super happy with every single piece of Vince item I own.  The fit, quality and functionality are a perfect fit with my fashion style and lifestyle.  I have more than enough workout wear, I think that perhaps it is time now to switch gears and invest in some nicer everyday wear!

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