Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Funday!

Ahhh gotta make this a quick one today!  I've been spending way too much time and money shopping for workout clothes lately, but I am quite happy with my collection which is finally moving out of the Lululemon-exclusive zone.  I don't know what it is, but it bothers me that every time I go to the gym I see a Lululemon fashion show.  It gets worse and worse everyday.  Is it too much to ask that the girl working out next to me to not have the same clothes as me??  Lol... This over-saturation of the brand makes me feel so unoriginal, and it's the reason I usually wait a while before wearing my newest Lulu out.  It's like Apple, when everybody starts buying it and chasing the trend, it's got to go down.  So I am glad to have added some other non-Lulu brands to my workout wardrobe.

I inadvertently went to the gym 6 times this week when I really meant to go only 5 times.  My new clothes must be making me too excited that I can't even count!  No wonder I'm all sore!  Lol!

Monday 4/22
What I did:  I ran lots of hills, ranging from 6% incline to 15% incline.  I did variation of speeds too, from running speed to fast walking speed - I actually find it harder to be fast walking a hill to the point where it is easier to start running.  Then I did some weight sets like woodchops, planks with shoulder pulls, side planks while rowing, and glutes... always glutes... if you want anti-gravity butt, you really gotta work hard for it!

What I wore:  Alo Sport bamboo Rev tank with my new Lululemon Run Sprint bra for the first time - liked it a lot!  It's very supportive.  But the tank was way too hot for this type of sweaty workout, since it's double layer and bamboo material.  I thought I was going to just lift weights but plans always change when I get to the gym!  I also wore Lululemon Team Spirit crop in coal/chirp and blue glow Nike Frees.  I love yellow, orange and blue together for some reason.  Just so bright and happy!

As to and from, I wore my Principle Jacket.  

My work outfit for the same day was fun, because I wore my Emilio Cavallini argyle tights (major love)!  Along with the Express red lacquer convertible sleeve shirt and Tahari ASL black skirt with button details.

Tuesday 4/23 - The only rest day from the gym.  But here is my work outfit.  I wore the Esley sheer sleeve jacket, with a Banana Republic tank under, and Calvin Klein color block skirt.  No crazy tights today!  Aldo Leanora pumps.  I like the monochromatic look sometimes.

Wednesday 4/24
What I did:  I did tons of weights!  I typically do 4 sets, or 6 at the most.  But I did 8!  If you care to know exactly what I did, here's what I wrote in my workout journal:

7 min warm up run
Alternate 4 sets: 16 plank & side raise (5lb) & 16 single leg deadlifts (20lb)
Alternate 4 sets: 10 incline shoulder press (25lb) & 20 incline Y back raise (5lb)
Alternate 4 sets: 10 courtesy lunge bicep curl (15lb) & 16 single leg tricep bench push
Alternate 4 sets: 15 deep squats (30lb) & 12 upright row (15lb)

What I wore:  Lululemon Push Ur Limits tank in lolo purple / power purple, with Run Passion crop in power purple, and Adidas adizero adios 2 shoes.

As to and from, I wore the Lululemon power purple 1/2 zip swiftly top.  I was power purpled-out!  I love this color...

Thursday 4/25
What I did:  I took 2 classes back to back at Equinox!  First one is Metcon, which is 8 exercises for a minute each, repeat 3 times total.  Second class is an abdominal class, but it's actually quite similar to the Metcon exercises... i.e. kettlebells, plyo work, lots of core exercises.  It was tough because my legs were so sore from the workout the day before already!

What I wore:  Alo Sport Zen Layer tank with Lululemon Free To Be bra in faded zap.  This tank was great for sweating!  It's super cool with the open back and loose fit, and when it's wet it remains the exact same color as when its dry so nobody can tell you are sweaty!  I love it paired with faded zap.  I think my faded zap bra is quickly becoming one of my favorites.  And Lululemon Run Empower crop in coal/passion.  Passion is pretty similar to the Alo tank color.  Adidas shoes again.

I like the back of this outfit

I wore the Alo Sport cozy collar pullover and to and from:

Friday 4/26
What I did:  Yoga class.  It was a chill class, a lot of stretching, which is good for me because I felt so tight from the week's workouts.

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in static very violet/very violet (softest cool racerback EVER!  I don't wear it to the gym a lot because I like wearing it as pajamas!) with Lululemon Free To Be bra in laceoflage, and Lululemon wunder under crops in bordeaux drama (looove these!), oh yeah and I wore the Zigi Kickin wedge sneakers to the gym.  =)

And I stuck to the same color family and wore the Alo Sport off-shoulder top as to and from.  I like it because it matched my yoga mat which is the Manduka Equa towel in sangria purple.

I liked my work outfit from Friday, because it was more casual and super comfy!  I wore a sleeveless tank from Zara, with the Calvin Klein essential cardigan over, Express wide waistband editor pants in white, and Sam Edelman Mallory slingbacks.

Saturday 4/27
What I did:  Pilates reformer class at Pilates Plus in Beverly Hills.

What I wore:  Lululemon Scoop Me Up tank in caspian blue with Lululemon Ebb & Flow crops in deep indigo.  Course wore my Zigi sneakers again dutifully.  I seriously love these shoes!  Super comfy and makes me taller lol.

I wore the Hardtail Forever open back sweatshirt and to and from... loving it still...

Sunday 4/28
What I did:  75 minute spin class, then a round of weights.

What I wore:  I wore my new Lorna Jane Erika Excel tank that I got yesterday, and OMG LOVE!  I'm so in love for real.  My spin class was super hot because the AC was broken (teacher didn't share this info till after class), so I was soaked like a sea monster.  But this tank is so fabulous.  I wore it with my Lululemon Run A Marathon crop, and I wore my Nike Frees of course.  Blue + orange = win.

I wore the Lululemon Principle jacket again as to and from.

i wore the jacket largely because I planned to shower and change after working out, into the Alo Sport Yoga Double Layer dress.  And I thought the jacket would look cute with the dress too, but I didn't end up needing it.  I just wore the dress alone with my Vegas wedge sandals lol.

Ok now time for dinner!  I am starving after working out so hard and only eating one meal (bad idea).  So I hope you all had a great week/weekend and ready for the new week!

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