Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. Shoulder Bag

I've been on a quest for a cross body bag for a while and finally got one at Nordstrom over the weekend.  It is the Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. Shoulder bag in eggplant.  Here's the stock photo from Nordstrom.  But I feel like it doesn't really look like this in person.  The photo shows it to be redder and shinier than the real thing, it looks more purple/eggplant in person, but oh well, here it is:

What the website doesn't tell you though, is that the strap can be converted shorter to make it into a shoulder bag, which is way cool!  It's like getting two bags for the price of one, which is actually not a bad price at all ($195).  I've looked at other cross body bags that are similar size and style, and they all seem to cost more.  

So what you do is, you put the chain through the hoop that's attached to the bag, like this:

And then you pull it up, and clip it to the hoop on top, super easy:

If you do that on both sides, it becomes a shoulder bag, and this is the length:

You can of course also wear it a little longer, by only doing it on one side:

And here it is at its longest:

When it is the longest, you can wear it cross-body style and this is what it looks like:

So yeah, tons of different ways to wear this bag!  I actually really like Rebecca Minkoff bags, but this is my first!  It's made of super soft Italian leather, and the dimensions are 9W x 6H x 2 1/4D.  Shoulder strap goes to 21.5 inches long.  The size is perfect.  I can fit my checkbook sized wallet, as well as my keys and phone in it with no problems.  There is a zipper pocket on the outside but no inner pockets.  I think this bag will actually be great for my trip as well so I'm bringing it with me!  I love being able to wear it cross body style, as I would not have to worry about it falling off my shoulders or being snatched.  I don't know if I've only been noticing lately or it is a new trend, but I keep seeing more and more women with cross body bags of this size.  It really is convenient.  I am super happy with this purchase, and it doesn't even break my wallet!


  1. do not like your new bag because I only like big bags that are more convenient I think. By cons I love the color!

    1. I love big bags too, but sometimes when I'm running errands or whatnot, I just really want a small purse to carry my essentials.

  2. I can't believe this is your first crossbody bag! You'll love it! I use mine the most out of all my bags! I like the color & size.

    1. I can't believe it either! I don't know why but I just had never thought about cross body bags before. Now I'm totally hooked and can see getting a lot of use out of this one!

  3. I was thinking about getting one as well. Is the bag holding up well? Do you still like it?

  4. Thanks for your post. I dont even knw this bag can be converted to shoulder bag! I have one in Royal Blue! :)
    3 ways actually, u can convert it as a clutch too. Just remove the strap and tadaaa.. :)
    U can see it here -- >

  5. It’s nice collection! The fashion shoulder bag is at the bag store .


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