Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back From Vegas! Reviews of A Couple Items!

I'm back from Vegas!  Feels like forever since I last wrote!  Time went by pretty fast in Vegas.  We were busy running around doing all kinds of stuff, and it was so hot there!  I would have liked to chill more and get more than one day of pool time but it turned out to be a pretty successful trip since I got a decent tan and I won $600 from $100 playing poker!!!  I can't believe it... I usually lose money when I play poker!  This time I had one too many cocktails and was playing more loosely.  Maybe that's the recipe for success, huh?  Here's one of my yummy pear martinis from Fiamma Trattoria at the MGM Grand, one of Michael Mina's restaurants.

This was my first time staying at the MGM, because my mom booked us rooms there, it was kind of my birthday plus CFA celebration gift.  I pretty much always stay at the Venetian when I go to Vegas, but MGM wasn't bad actually, I especially like their poker room for reasons mentioned above!  Hehe.  So I pretty much hung out there, and only branched out to check out Aria since one of my friends happened to be there the same weekend and was staying there.  It's such a nice hip hotel with tons of young people!  I liked it a lot since I'm not really into the family and old people scene in Vegas.  I hadn't been to Vegas in like 2 years so I had never seen Aria or Cosmopolitan before.  I must stay there next time!  The room is like a cool bachelor's pad.  There's a touch screen remote that kind of looks like an ipad, it controls all the lights, electronics, and even the curtain.  Very nice!  

But anyway, back to the MGM.  There is some shopping there but not much.  One of the stores sold a lot of very D-bag looking clothes.  Like ghetto, but not even fabulous.  But there was one store there that had some cute dresses and shoes.  I actually bought 2 pairs of wedges one night.  But the next day I came to my senses and returned/exchanged them for a 3rd pair.  I actually really like them and I think I may be able to wear them for my wedding since I decided that stilettos will not work for a backyard grass/sand wedding.  But I still want to wear heels of course, so naturally platform sandals are the only choice.  Here's what they look like, they had tons of cute shoes there, maybe I should have kept one of the other pairs!

The best thing about these shoes is that they are extremely comfy!  Despite being rather high.  

Ok so before I went to Vegas, I bought this chiffon overlay ruffle cami at Express.  It turned out to be a really cute outfit paired with some black shorts and the sandals in the above pictures!  If I really do decide to wear them for my wedding, I needed to test them out.  I think they passed the test!

This cami is a soft pink color.  I didn't wear it tucked in like the model.  When it's left out, it looks like this:

I feel like when I wear short shorts or skirts, I need to have a more moderate coverage on top, and vice versa.  Otherwise I will just look like a hooch.  This top was perfect because it's loose fitting, but it gives great shape at the same time.  And it's pretty long - almost covers my butt.  I really really liked it, it was super comfy.  I am glad I got it as it was on sale for like $34 and I had an Express coupon so I only paid $19 for it after tax.  The best thing is I can also wear this to work under a sweater or jacket!  I love it.

So after a 6 hour drive back from Vegas due to heavy traffic, I was pretty cranky, especially since I went to bed at around 6 am the night before and was a little hung over.  The stop and go motion in the car really did not help.  But I came home to find this Romeo & Juliet Couture dolman sleeve sweater that I bought from Hautelook waiting for me!  I totally forgot I bought it, but it's super cute.  So that made me feel better.  I love Romeo & Juliet Couture - their stuff is always cute and they are made in the USA.  Hautelook was having a "blow out" sale, so I got it for only $39 down from the original price of $130.

I tried this sweater out today by wearing it to work.  I paired it with black slacks.  It was such a cute outfit!  I love dolman style sweaters for work as they are not very clingy and are comfortable to sit in all day.  In person the color of the sweater has a subtle sheen to it, so it looks almost silvery gray.  So pretty!  Here's a close up.  You definitely have to wear a tank top under it.

Hmm I like the necklace the model has on.  I wonder where it's from?  

Anyway, this sweater kind of fits similarly to the Express ribbed drape-neck sweater I just got, minus the neckline.  But the rest of the body was pretty much the same fit.  I was thinking of getting another Express sweater, possibly in gray.  Now I don't have to!  I might get another in black or tan though, because I love it that much!  


  1. Glad you had fun in Vegas! And you won money too, that's so awesome! My hubby and I are headed there in Sept. Did you happen to check out the Lulu? I wonder if there's any deals to be had there??

  2. Nope I did not venture that far... I've been to that Lulu store once a long time ago. I remember it being really small. But they may still have good deals I suppose. Vegas was sooooo awesome I wanna go back already! Where are you staying in September?

  3. I wanted hubby and I to get married in Vegas. Seriously. I wanted to do the drive thru wedding, LOL. Hubby had other ideas, and we ended up having a traditional wedding with the traditional reception. We still haven't made it to Vegas...

    A friend and I made it to L.A. last year, my next trip that I want Hubby and I to go on together is to New York. Although, I see us taking our son to Florida or Cuba first.

    Some day I will get to Vegas.....

  4. We are staying at the Wynn. Last time we stayed at the Paris, then Bally's for two more nights. I loved both of them! Not sure if I'll do any gambling - I'm thinking shopping, eating, and chillin' by the pool! :)

  5. Aww Becky you would love Vegas!!! It is so different from any other city in the world, it's a must visit!!! I love NYC too though. Funny that you wanted to get married in Vegas, I went to a wedding in Vegas a couple years ago and it was really nice! I wouldn't mind getting married there too and not have to deal with all the hassle but my fiance did not like the idea either (but he blamed it on his parents).

    Dawn, Wynn is a nice casino! They sent me a letter offering 2 weekend nights for $199. Such a good deal! But it expired. Sigh... next time. I like shopping, eating and pool time in Vegas too! But it's not a complete Vegas trip if you don't attempt at some games. =)


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