Thursday, November 10, 2011

Got the Adidas AdiZero Adios 2 Before the Official Release!!!

Ahhh... I now hold in my hands the very same shoes that Mutai just wore 4 days ago when he won the NYC Marathon, due to be released around Christmas this year or early 2012.  The Adidas adiZero Adios 2!  I am beyond excited, because I can now wear them to my Malibu race this weekend!  I'm going to break them in tomorrow and Saturday, and hope that they will be good to go by race day on Sunday.  Even if they are not, I'll probably wear them anyway - haha!  I'm really glad I have these now because I've been interested in the current Adios version of this shoe and had wanted to try them out a few months ago.  But now I got the new version and I don't have to pay for them!

I have not tried them out since I just received them about an hour ago.  And I won't write a review about them until after the Fitness issue comes out in the Spring.  But they are super awesome looking and feels great on.  So I have good feelings about them.  There is not much information online about the improvements of Adios 2 from Adios.  But it looks like one of the changes is the upper mesh area where they made the weaves bigger, thus allowing more air movement.  And let me tell you, you can feel the coolness right away!  I could tell before I even read anything about them.  To me having cool feet is very important during my runs.  They also improved the stability, propulsion and traction of the shoe.  I never tried the Adios so I cannot tell the difference anyway.  But I can compare them to my Nike Frees.

I took tons of pictures, of course.  They are bright red - true shade of red.  The name is called Corene/Runwht/black1.  I love it!  Because I love bright shoes!

They also have these sparkly laces, with silver specs that glow.  Love.

Love the spider web-by design under the mesh

The only website I found that has pictures of the Adios 2 is Competitor, and they have great pictures of this shoe.  Both men's version (with yellow on the back instead of white) and women's version.

Ok, I think that's enough pictures.  I can't wait to try these shoes out tomorrow!


  1. Gorgeous Shoes! Good luck this weekend!

  2. Oh love those shows --- totally matches Lulu Currant Red color -- you should grab yourself a tank to match!!

    I just ordered 2 pairs of the New Nike frees TR winter because I couldn't decide between the BRIGHT pink or the turquoise -- Love them both

    Good luck on the race -- and the honeymoon pics were absolutely GORGEOUS! Glad you had such an amazing time!!

  3. Thanks guys! @momof5, I saw lots of Lululemon girls today who also ran the race and they were all wearing the Current swiftly shirts! Very cute but looks like my fruity tootie one! I have not seen this color in person in a different material, but if it's a true red then I definitely need a tank in it!!!


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