Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Funday!

I woke up this morning with a brilliant idea of making myself some sushi... for breakfast!  Now I've never made sushi before, but when I was grocery shopping yesterday I actually picked up a bamboo sushi roller and nori (seaweed sheets) in the hopes of making sushi some time soonish.  So I figured today was as good of a day as any to give this sushi rolling thing a try, but test it out with eggs before venturing onto fish or other type of meat.  My egg sushi actually turned out really tasty!  And rolling sushi wasn't nearly as hard and intimidating as I thought it would be, I just watched a video tutorial and it was pretty simple!

I made 3 rolls, here they are in order from left to right.  As you can see, my rolling skill dramatically improved!  Not bad for a first timer if I do say so myself!  LOL!

So to make 3 rolls, you need about 1 cup of rice.  They say to use japanese short grain rice for sushi, and I happened to have some.  After the rice was done, I mixed it with about 2.5 tbsp of rice vinegar mixed with a few drops of liquid stevia and pinch of salt.  That was it!  For the eggs, I scrambled 3 eggs and about 1/2 cup of liquid egg whites together, added some chives, salt and pepper.  And I also cut up some avocado to put in the rolls too.  That's it!  It didn't take all that long, and practice makes perfect!  It tasted very good as well.  I am now thinking I might try making sushi with quinoa some time and see how that turns out!

Here are some other pictures:

From 2nd roll

From 3rd roll

So much fun!  If you've never made sushi before, I really encourage you to do it.  It's a lot easier than it looks, and it can be a fun family activity with kids!  The best part is that you can put just about anything in them... veggies, fruits, meat, seeds, etc.  The possibilities are endless!  Just google how to make sushi and find a video tutorial.  I used this one from

On a different note, I am pretty happy with my workouts this week.  I managed to go workout 5 times, and finally went to a yoga class again!  Been a few weeks since the last time I went.  I keep saying this, but it's crazy how stiff I feel if I skip yoga for even one week.  So that was good relief to stretch out!

Monday 4/8
What I did:  I lifted weights, then took a spin class.  Good times!

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in little boy blue, with my new faded zap Free To Be bra under it.  Bright blue Run: Passion crop and Skora Phase shoes (for the lifting part, always wear spin shoes for spin!).

Tuesday 4/9
What I did:  I did weights again, followed by intervals on the treadmill.  For the weight part, I alternated 4 sets of side lunge + flies (10 lb dumbbells) & single leg deadlifts (20 lb dumbbells).  Then alternating 4 sets of medicine ball pushups (16 each time) and hanging leg lifts (25 each set).  Ended with 6 one-minute sprints at 9 mph, 1.5 incline.  You like how detailed I am?  Lol.  I started recording my workouts diligently after each one, that's why I remember!  Sometimes I get really OCD like this...

What I wore:  So I did not wear any Lululemon at all!  This must be a first in a LOOOONNNGGG time!!!  Ok actually that's kind of a lie because I wore my grape seed Energy bra, but you can't really see it.  I wore Splits59 Sabrina tank over it, with Zobha Racer capri and Nike Frees.  I like the tone on tone look sometimes.  But of course threw in some blue shoes lol.

On the same day, I wore the Love...Ady Cap Sleeve Colorblock Dress for the first time to work, and paired it with some very dark blue tights, but they just look black in the photo.  And some patent black pumps I got a while ago.  It was a very sunny day!  You can see the shadow that the blinds create on my outfits!

Then I realized that the Esley sheer sleeve blazer in black is almost the perfect match to the black part of the dress!  That pretty much never happens.  I hate that blacks can be so vastly different and look awful together.  

Wednesday 4/10
What I did:  I warmed up by running a mile, then I did one of my older workouts from New Rules of Lifting for Abs, and then took the tabata class!  

What I wore:  Lululemon cool racerback in slope stripe polar cream clarity yellow, with Not So Deep V bra in caribe, Splits59 Nova capri tights in black, and Adidas adizero adios 2 shoes!  Of course I must have yellow, green and red together!  It makes me happy.  Hahaha.

And by the way, I keep saying this but Splits59 tights are awesome!!!  I LOVE these Nova tights!  I am so in love with that metallic mesh stripe detail, but aside from the look, they also feel, fit and perform amazing!  When I ordered these I got the black ones in size XS and gray ones in size S.  I thought I would be fine with the size S but I tried them on a few more times and decided that the size S was just a bit too loose to wear, and had some excess material around the butt/crotch making them look a little weird.  So I sent them back.  Return shipping is free, so that makes it very easy.  Just a note.

Ok so as to and from, I throw on the Lululemon swiftly LS shirt in fresh teal/very green.  Love this combo so much!  I think this is one of the prettiest swiftly shirts Lululemon has ever made.  And it feels softer than the others!

Thursday 4/11
What I did:  Yoga class!  I went to happy hour before that, and even with the CEO of my company offering to buy me drinks, I passed!  Got to stay strong, nothing wrong with being sober when everyone else is not lol.

I also wore the Alo Sport hoodie as to and from too, I unbuttoned the collar!  I think it looks cute this way too.

I keep forgetting that the lighting in my office bathroom is so dim!  The gray ombre is not showing up in this picture at all.  =(  

Friday 4/11 - Rest day!

Saturday 4/12
What I did:  I had a long and hard workout!  I started by running a mile.  Then I did 4 sets of alternating rear foot elevated lunge and tricep dips.  Went back to the treadmill to do five one-minute sprints on 2% incline and 9 mph.  Then 4 sets of rotational push-ups and one-arm rows.  Treadmill again to do 5 more sprints starting on 15% incline, each time decreasing by 3 but increasing the speed.  And ended the workout with 4 sets of offset squats and machine lateral pull-downs.  =D  I love doing sprints in between weight sets, it keeps my heart rate up the whole time!

What I wore: I wore a perfectly matching Lululemon outfit!  The Push Ur Limits tank in passion wee stripe, and Run: Empower crops in coal/passion/wee stripe!  And my adidas shoes.

I wore my fruity tootie swiftly LS for a minute when I thought I would be cold at the gym while lifting weights (wtf?!).  I don't know what I was thinking, I was sweating like a pig and ended up carrying it along with my towel the whole time.

And I wore my new Splits59 Cameron jacket as to and from.  It's a more muted color than passion, but similar.

Sunday 4/14 - I didn't workout today.  But I found another great thing about my Zigi Kickin wedge sneakers!  All my Lululemon Dance Studio pants are too long on me, so I always cinch them up when I wear them.  But if I wear them with my wedge sneakers, I can let them out completely!  Nobody can tell that I'm wearing wedges, so I look taller with longer legs too!!!  I wore the concord grape ones today with them while running out to get coffee and such.  And Splits59 Cameron jacket again. 

Side view:

Ahhh... I love this.  =)  Who else thinks the Dance Studio pants are one of the best designs ever made by Lululemon??  And purple is just great!  But I am such a shortie!  They are still touching the floor a little bit even with my 3 inch wedges on!

I am watching the Masters and it just ended with a win by the first Aussie ever... Adam Scott.  I am now itching to get out there and play golf again!  Only if I could play like these people... hahaha.

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