Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oldie But Goodie - Lululemon Principle Jacket

When Lululemon came out with the Principle Jacket a couple years ago, I tried it on in store and really liked it.  But there was no way I was going to shell out $100 for it.  Later on it went on sale, and some colors/sizes went as low as $29 or $19 I believe.  But the only color combo I was interested in was the black and bold blue one, and I was never able to find it in a size 4 on sale.

So a couple weeks ago I was browsing ebay and saw a listing for the exact one I wanted!  So I put it in my ebay sniper program and got it for something like $40 after shipping.  That was the most I wanted to pay for it anyway.  And now I have it after like 2 years!  Apparently patience pays off eventually!

I just really like this color combo.  And I love the big collar and the cropped style of the jacket.  I still could do without the racing stripes on the back, but it doesn't bug me that much since I can't see it.  I believe this jacket is made of luon, but it definitely feels thicker than regular luon.  There are zippers on the cuffs that gives you the option to unzip or roll up the sleeves, but don't think I'd do that.  The jacket overall is well-constructed (but still not worth the original price of $98 in my opinion).  

It's been kind of cold here so I haven't had a chance to wear it.  But when I was playing with it, I found that I like it better worn with the zipper open.  Or zipped like 1/3 of the way up at the most.  Definitely not completely zipped like the model in the photo above.  Anyway, I am looking forward to getting a chance to wear it!


  1. I love reading your blog and know you love lululemon and it's probably mentioned before, but have you tried the facebook group 'lululemon exchange'? I've been able to find a lot of the things I have been dying for but missed. Then again, if you don't have facebook then I guess not but it's worth a try right? :P Sometimes its cheaper than ebay too! =D

  2. Oh yes I do know about this group. I used to browse it once in a while but I don't get on often enough to get anything. I feel like if you are not there 2 seconds after something is posted then someone else will have snatched it already! I used to stalk Lululemon's Facebook page before too, but have not done that in at least a year. Lol. I take it as a good sign that I'm becoming less psychotic about this brand. Good for my wallet too!

  3. Haha very true! It's like a super quick version of ebay sometimes :P I just find it really convenient to sell things on there too because of the no fees thing :P

    Of course you are pretty famous on the 'lulu this just in group' as we definitely mention your blog on there hehe

  4. Really? I haven't even heard of this group! I'm surprised as I haven't written anything about Lululemon in quite a while. I will go check it out!

  5. Lol yeah you have to ask to join unfortunately but all the ladies on it are super nice 99% of time, unless you get a random topic that sparks a heated debate but the admin is really cool about keeping that kind of stuff on the down low. Plus we talk about other stuff too and not just lulu! You should totally check it out if you ever feel like it =D Lol i feel like I'm advertising for it but it's definitely a fun group to join, plus no one will see your posts since its closed so no one will think you are a crazy lulu addict haha

  6. I agree with Anon. You are mentioned frequently on the Lulu this just in group. Haha, you are a celebrity and didn't even realize it :)

  7. Hmmm... that's so funny!!! Maybe I do have to join this group and check it out for myself...

    I kinda worried about myself a while ago when I looked on my facebook page and saw numerous Lululemon store pages and groups I liked. So I am wary about joining more. Lol.


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