Friday, April 26, 2013

Lululemon Swiftly LS Aquamarine/Beach Blanket Blue & Inspire Crop Black/Wee Are From Space Parfait Pink/Pinkelicious

I think I just typed the longest post title ever!  Hehe.  Well, I've been waiting for the Swiftly LS in aquamarine/beach blanket blue to hit the website for a long time and I'm glad it finally did!  I was getting worried there for a while.  I saw it a couple weeks ago at Equinox, but they were sold out of my size.  I thought I had missed it!  But alas... it is mine now.  =D  I love long sleeve swiftly tops, especially these two toned baseball tee style ones so I had to hoard this one too.  I loooove the fresh teal/very green combo, to the point where I don't even wanna wear it in case it gets damaged lol.  I love this color combo as well.  I'm going to be in trouble if they keep doing this!

On a not-so-pleasant note, I got the new Inspire Crops in Black/Wee Are From Space Parfait Pink/Pinkelicious, because I love the waistband and I have a lot of pink tanks so I could justify pink on my crops too.  I actually don't own any Inspire crops, even though I know they are very popular.  I do have one pair of Empower crops which are the predecessor to the Inspires.  I love those!  Actually that is the reason I haven't bought any Inspires - I just like the Empowers better.  However, I have tried Inspire crops on in stores before and thought the fit was similar to the Empowers.  But I don't know what happened to them, because these new ones I got are so loose in the calf area!  I got my normal size and I don't think I can size down in these because they fit everywhere else.  So they must have changed the design or fabric (I am not on top of this particular model) at some point recently.  What a shame!!  I don't think I can wear these, they are not even as tight as my luon bottoms, and power luxtreme is supposed to be more compressive!  Argh!

I'm annoyed because I really like the colors in these!  And I thought they'd be my first pair of Inspires.  Now I have to make a trip to the store to return them!  Maybe I'll try a bunch of other ones on and see if any fits better.  But online reviews on the newest Inspires are not making my heart warm.

Anyways, here I am wearing these two items together.  You can't really tell that the Inspires are very loose in the calf area through the photo though.  But believe me, they are.  

How disappointing!!!

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