Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Latest Ideeli Order

I've been ordering a lot from ideeli lately for some reason.  I never used to order from them that much, but I have made quite a few purchases from them lately!  I like that you pay shipping once and get it free for the next 30 days.  That's quite a big incentive actually.  Also they upgraded me to their first row membership for free so I get to shop earlier than others.  Lol.  Anyways... so I got more Tahari ASL skirts.  I really love this brand for work attire!  I love all their dresses that I have, as well as the Sara skirt.  So I got two more skirts!  One in this gray ombre print, and another in black with button details.


So both of these skirts I got in size 2.  I buy my Tahari ASL dresses in size 4, but since my Sara skirt fits well in size 2, I decided to get these in size 2 as well.  They fit perfectly!  So happy!  I love both of them, and they both are good stables for my work wardrobe.  So it says that the black one retailed for $69, and the gray ombre one retailed for $129.  But I got both for $39 each.

I also got another Esley sheer sleeve jacket!  I love the black and gray ones I got so much that when I saw the white one, I got it too!  These jackets are only $29, down from $82.  So all 3 together cost less than $100 for me lol.  I love it.  They fit really well, and I love the sheer sleeve idea.  I also really like the fact that they are shorter at the back but longer in the front.  The white one is perfect for spring and summer.

Lastly, I got this Unique Spectrum button down shirt in a bright blue color.  It was only $16!  The material of the shirt is pretty cool looking.  It looks almost like linen, but shinier.  But it's actually made of rayon and polyester.  I like having a shirt like this that I can wear to work as well as on weekends.  

So the sleeves actually can be rolled up and buttoned up, but they are way too tight when rolled up so I think the only way to wear it is to leave it down like the photos.  

Oh yeah, I also got this Kamenstein 16-jar revolving spice rack lol.  It's pretty cute actually, and it was only $22 with 5 years of free spice refills!

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