Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I bought some jackets last week from ideeli and received 3 of them today!  I actually am a big fan of outerwear.  But I don't buy too much of it because I live in such a warm climate.  The 3 jackets I bought are all pretty thin and 2 of them can be work wear as well, so double win there.

These 2 jackets are actually the same style in different colors.  I really liked the idea of them so I figured I'd take a chance and order both, and if they didn't work, I would just return them anyway.  And it turns out, I really like them!  So they are definitely being kept.  Besides, they only cost me $29 each, down from $82.  They are called Esley Sheer Sleeve Blazers.  One in black and one in light gray.  They actually also had one in a bright coral color that was very pretty, but it was already sold out when I saw it, so no go there.

I really loved the idea of the sheer sleeves when I saw these blazers!  I think they can be perfect to be worn to work in the summer time, or to go out.  I love that the sheer sleeves have button details on them, which makes the jackets look a bit more dressy.  The fit of the jacket is really good - longer in the front and shorter in the back.  I got them in size S and they really fit very well without having to get tailored.  Although the upper arm areas are a little tight, which was surprising considering they are sheer and I thought they'd be more flowy.  But they only feel a little tight and don't look tight or stretched at all.  So I am ok with it.  I also really like that they have no collars!  I'm very happy with this jacket in both colors, and will definitely be keeping them.

I got another light weight jacket, the Aaron Ashe Baker Street Jacket:

I don't think the fit of this jacket looks particularly flattering on this model, but there was another color that looked much better.  I wanted a black jacket that I can wear out and about, and I thought this might be promising.  I also ordered this jacket in a size S.  It doesn't look as baggy on me as it does on the model.  But I kind of splurged on this jacket for $89 (down from $299).  I'm not sure that it's worth $89 though.  It's faux leather, actually 100% polyester.  It's open front with no hidden buttons.  And it's very very thin.  I think I need to sleep on this and try it on a few times before deciding if I'm keeping it or not.  It is made in the USA though!

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