Friday, April 12, 2013

Lululemon Cool Racerback Ocean Stripe Mellow Lemon & Free To Be Bra Laceoflage Polar Cream Black

Wow that was a very long post title I just typed!  I got 2 new items from Lululemon, not from the latest release though, mind you.  I have actually been eying the cool racerback in ocean stripe mellow lemon for a few weeks now.  I liked it a lot when it first came out, but I thought I already had a yellowish stripe tank (slope stripe polar cream clarity yellow), so I didn't need it.  But then I saw it in the store a week after that and it's definitely different enough.  The ocean stripe mellow lemon is a darker, more saturated yellow.  And obviously the stripes are wider and different widths.

I really try not to buy too many tanks of the same color family.  Honestly, who the hell can tell the difference between like paris pink, pow pink, senorita pink, etc. etc. when worn alone and not next to each other???  I think it's funny when people own so many cool racerbacks in almost identical colors.  To any other person, they are probably just wearing the same tank over and over again lol.  I mean, most of my guy friends think blues and greens and purples are all the same!  So when I see someone's picture of 5 tanks in almost the same color, I think it's funny because it's true addict style!!  Hahaha!  So I try not to do that.  But then again, many times I can't help but to buy the same style tank in many colors.  I counted my Dance Strap tanks the other day - I have 7!  I don't even wear any of them very often at all but still can't let them go.  Sigh... 

And I digress... so next up, I got the Free To Be bra in laceoflage polar cream black when it was on sale for $29, but now it's sold out.  

Same as the Free To Be bra in faded zap that I just got, this one came with bra cups too - yay!  I also got it in size 6, since I like the looser fit in this bra.  I was never too crazy about this print, but I think it will be cute if it is worn under a cool racerback of pretty much any color (for some reason I'm thinking little boy blue).  I just don't want this print on an entire tank.  But happy to have this bra!

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