Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Manduka Equa Standard On-the-Go Yoga Towel

I bought 2 Manduka Equa mat towels from Gilt about a month ago when they had the sale, at $25 a piece!  I always wanted to try one but never pulled the trigger at regular price of $42.  They finally arrived and I was able to test it out yesterday in yoga.  I think I am in love!

I got them in 2 different colors - sangria purple and marine green.

I used the sangria one yesterday, and it was amazing!  I gave the marine one for my fiance to try out since it is less girly, but if he doesn't like it I will gladly take it back.  I always have problems with my slippery hands during yoga - probably because I usually run before class so I'm already sweaty by the time class starts.  I would always put a regular towel on my mat, but it gets annoying because it doesn't lay well due to thickness and short length.  And sometimes rough on the hands and knees.  So when I tried out the Manduka towel yesterday I couldn't believe such a thin little towel worked so well!  Problem solved!  I always thought they were a rip off before, but now I see that they are worth the price.

I also love the fact that when I roll the Manduka towel together with my yoga mat, it becomes thicker (obviously) and my Lululemon Velcro Mat Strap fits perfectly around it!  No more hanging velcro strap to stick onto my clothes!

Now this (semi) yogi is all set!  Bring on the downward dog!  Namaste.


  1. I have both a manduka and a yogi toes towel. I like them both equally. I do think that if you do hot yoga semi regularly it is worth the investment. However, with both towels, they seem to work better once I start to sweat a bit (at first when my body/feet/palms are dry they are a touch slippery). It is helpful to lightly spray them with a mist bottle once you lay the towel out before class starts to "get the grip going."

  2. Ahh -- I missed the sale. Would have loved to pick up another towel! Hope they have the sale again!

  3. I like more the green one. It is quite hard to find a great color that it can match with walls and furniture.


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