Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shopping Trip - J.Crew & Banana Republic

I was meeting a friend at the mall today and checked out some stores.  There were lots of really good 4th of July sales everywhere.  But the mall wasn't that crowded - maybe people are still saving money these days.

J.Crew was having additional 20% off from all sale items, and Banana Republic was having additional 25% off all sale items.  Some deals were just too good to pass up.

I got these super cute flip flops with floral fabric on the straps.  On sale from like $30 to $10!

They also come in black and light pink, and I did think about getting another pair.  But I ended up getting the light gray ones only.  I feel like the color goes best with everything.  Black would too but it was just too... black.  These are soooo comfortable.  I normally hate rubber flip flops.  But these are definitely an exception.  They are so soft and cushiony.  Love!

I also bought a cute tee with floral print on it on sale, but I can't find a picture of it on their site.  It looks similar to this one below, but has a light tan color base and pinkish flowers.  The flower fabrics are hand cut and has a unique look.  This was only $14.  Great for just a casual tee with a little bit of embellishment.

J.Crew had some seriously cute stuff on sale for really cheap.  Too bad a lot of the items only had size medium or larger so I wasn't able to get a lot of them.  Otherwise I would've bought so much more!

I used to really like Banana Republic clothing, then I stopped for a few years when they had super conservative looking clothes that were way too "mature" looking for me, but right now they have a lot of stuff I like.  I couldn't believe how cheap the store was selling stuff!  I mean the same stuff at the store are currently selling at double their price on the website.  I didn't know Banana Republic had different prices between actual store and online store, but apparently so.  I guess I will not be shopping on their site from now on since there's such a big discrepancy!

I got this super cute tuxedo shirt in cotton and silk blend material for $17!  Its original price is $70.  That's almost like giving stuff away!  And it's still selling at $70 on their website still - what a big difference!  The one I got is a light baby blue and white vertical stripes, which is probably sold out on their site, but it's the same exact style as this one:

It's from their petite line.  I got a size XS and it fits really well.  It's not as loose fitting on me as it is on the model above.  This shirt doesn't have any stretch at all, so a size up would have worked too and would probably fit the same way as it does the model.  But they didn't have any size S left for me to try on.  I still love how it looks on.  It can be dressed up enough for work in the summer and with a suit jacket over it when we go back to professional dress code in September, and also can be dressed down for weekend lounging.  It's pretty sheer so I definitely need to wear a cami underneath.  I actually went to Best Buy (to look at potential Washer / Dryers but got confused even more by the different brands and models available) just now wearing this shirt with light tan colored shorts.  It was a cute outfit!  =)

I also got a sleeveless wrap with ruffles that's also 40% silk and 60% cotton for $22, which is selling at $50 online with only size L left.  It looks like this:

I actually really like the color shown on the pic, but they didn't have my size so I got it in pink.  I like it too and it stands out more.  I have a lot of neutral or light colored tops so it doesn't hurt to have something more colorful:

I tried on XS in this shirt too but the arm opening was tight and cut into my skin - it was rubbing against my armpits uncomfortably.  Even though the body fit well, I had to size up because I don't want to be uncomfortable wearing it.

It's also another shirt that can work for work and casual outing.  I like tops that can be versatile like that.

I also got a really stretchy and comfortable cami with an inch wide satin stripe across the top in ivory.  It makes the cami look more dressy so I can wear it alone under a suit jacket for work and would be super cute.  It was only $12 or so.  I'm thinking maybe I should have gotten it in white and black too.  It feels so amazing on and looks great!

Oh yeah, I also stopped in Sephora to get a refill of my favorite lotion - the Clinique Dramatically Different lotion.  

After trying out so many products, this one is seriously the best.  It moisturizes without being greasy.  I'm actually a big fan of the whole Clinique 3 step line, I also use the mild liquid facial soap which cleans without drying my face out - that is rare for a face cleanser to do.  My skin gets dried out so easily!

I didn't really go into any other stores except Bloomingdale's which didn't have that great of a sale.  But I'm tempted to go back to the mall some time this weekend again to see what other great deals there are!  I love sales!!  Sometimes I feel like there's no point in buying full price clothes with the rate they are getting marked down nowadays.

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