Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lululemon Cool Racerback - Static Very Violet / Very Violet

Yesterday morning I arrived at the gym earlier than I wanted to (I was taking a class), so I wandered over to the 3rd Street Lululemon store a block away.  I saw the Cool Racerback with static very violet front and very violet back and decided to get it since I love very violet.

It's kind of an interesting idea that it's not all one solid color.  And they did tie the two sides together by putting static edging on the back.  Though I couldn't decide if I liked the two-toned look or not.  I think I would prefer a solid all over very violet Cool Racerback tank, but the static material is very soft.  I have been using all my Cool Racerbacks as pajamas so the softness is a plus!  Seriously, these tanks are the best to sleep in!  And great to work out in as well of course. 

If they release a solid very violet Cool Racerback, I will regret this purchase though.  I guess I can leave the tag on for a while and see.  I did see the wish blue Cool Racerback in both solid and static so maybe there is hope for this one.

OT:  I just got back from my 75 min spinning class, I have to say that I love spinning to Lady Gaga's Alejandro!  It is the best song to spin to!  Bad Romance is also excellent.  This teacher besides teaching the most hardcore class, also plays Lady Gaga often and I love it.  They really pump me up!  When I was sprinting uphill for like the duration of the whole song, I got my heart rate to 175 which is really good for a spin class.  That's my normal heart rate when I run at a good speed.  Spin normally doesn't get my heart rate as high as running - usually hovers around 150-160.  So I ended up burning 650 today from that class according to my trusted heart rate monitor that I wear religiously every time I work out.  And I didn't even run beforehand like I normally do.  So I have to attribute this to Lady Gaga!


  1. I bought this same top too, I just love the color and it is super soft. I'm actually glad for the static bc otherwise it would be too similar to my solid potion purple crb. I love crbs; they are all I work out in now.


  2. Lady Gaga is great for workouts!

    Our old spinning instructor played a lot of Gaga and other current music, and different mixes. Then she finished grad school, and got a day job, and quit teaching spinning :( The new instructor is very nice, but a little older, and has different taste in music. My heart rate doesn't get as high doing spinning to classic rock... (as much as I like it for listening to in the car...doesn't work for spinning). I used to burn more like 600 calories per spin class, that went down to 450ish with the new music! Also, new instructor did more endurance tracks, previous instructor did more hills and changing positions.

  3. What kind of heart reat monitor do you use? I had a polar FT60 and the battery died. I tried to change it myself but I broke the internal sound chip :( So it no longer beeps.

    I'm thinking about getting a garmin because I'm about to start trainging for my second marathon and I want something that will help me find my pace.

  4. I agree, I would ike to hear some recommendations for heart monitors..!! Really interested in getting one.

  5. I have a Polar F6 that I got a couple years ago. It's not too fancy, doesn't have GPS or anything. But it's perfectly for me since I do most of my workouts indoors. And the chest strap gets picked up by most treadmills and cardio machines automatically so even if I forget my watch I can still see my heart rate on the machine's monitor. It's worked really well for me so I would definitely recommend Polar.

  6. I hate wearing the chest strap when I run. It falls down a lot... or leaves chaffing/marks. I'm DYING to find a reliale watch that has GPS capabilities and a strapless hear monitor.

    I know they have them that are built into sports bras, but im way too picky about sprots bras to wear those. Hummm...

  7. Really? I've never had a problem with my chest strap falling down or chafing. I always tuck it right under or slightly above the band of my sports bra and it doesn't move at all. I can't see it and I can't even feel that it's there. Isn't the strapless monitor less accurate than one with chest strap? That's what I've always heard anyway.


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