Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lululemon Lab Perennial Tight & Run: Sprint Bra!

I got my first piece of Lululemon Lab item on ebay!  I've always thought the lab sounded pretty cool, with items being designed and made right there in the store.  But of course I have never been to Vancouver so I could never visit it for myself.  I hope to go soon, actually thinking about going for Memorial Day weekend this year!  So that's only a month from now.  But we'll see!

Anyway, I got these new with tag Perennial Tight for $60 shipped, which I thought was a pretty good deal.  They retailed for $84, according to the tag.  I'm not sure when they were made.  I had actually never heard of them before.  But I took a chance!  I just received them in the mail today and I am very happy with them!  First of all, I thought they were black but they are actually coal.  Lol.  But I like that better!  I have so much black already and have been wanting to get another coal luon pair.  Actually I didn't even know if these were going to be luon or luxtreme.  I don't ask questions before bidding apparently!  But they are luon.  There are so many things I like about them!  The luon is nice and thick, and totally opaque.  I did many bend over tests to confirm!  I love the extra wide waistband, the higher rise (like Lululemon wunder groove crops, which might be my all-time favorite Lulu crops), and the cuff and ruching details on the lower legs.  I took a bunch of pictures of them on me:

I also really like the circular seaming in the front from the thighs to the knee.  I think they make these crops look a little bit more interesting and also visually slimming.  The special lab black lacquered logo is cute too, and blends in more with the material so you can't immediately tell what brand they are.  There is a cinch cord around the waistband, but it's not continuous like other Lululemon bottoms I have.  Not a big deal, I'd never use it anyways.  There's also a hidden pocket on the front left side of the waistband as well, like most Lulu crops.  These are in size 4, so I think they fit true to size.  Overall I really like them and I am glad to have something from the lab!  

I also bought online the Run: Sprint bra since it went on sale.  Funny, I was just looking at this bra the day before!  I thought it looked cute, the back is like the Arise bra which I always liked.  But the reviews on it are pretty horrendous, which kept me from ordering at regular price.  When it went to loot, I read all the reviews again and it sounded like the ladies that had issues with it were the ones with large cup sizes.  I don't have this issue, haha.  So I figured I'd give it a shot.  But I ordered a size up, to a 6, just in case it was too tight.  I got it today and I definitely am glad I sized up.  I don't think I could squeeze into a size down from 6.  But I like this bra!  I haven't worked out in it, but it feels pretty supportive, and it's cute that there is a pocket on the inner layer.  Of course I don't think I'd really use it, but it's good to have just in case!  I got it in bleached coral/pop orange.

I think this bra will look cute under my cool racerbacks.  But I can see why it wouldn't work well for people with larger chests.  I'd say C cup or above probably would have to squeeze a lot.  The neck is on the tight side for my measly B cup, but not uncomfortably so.  The tightness reminds me of the Not So Deep V bra, if you have one of those oldies.  

Today was a successful day for my Lululemon deliveries!  I will put these items to use ASAP.  =D


  1. Re "sheergate", I've been having a harder time wearing lace or any types of panties with frills, ribbons or other details... I LOVE hanky panky, particularly obsessed with the, ahem, "open panel" styles. super sexy and spices things up (i feel like a lot more uninhibited whenever I'm wearing them). BUT, I can never ever wear them with lulus anymore as you can see EVERYTHING. I now go commando, which is sexy in it's own way, and keep my panties in my bag (to put on later or with a skirt/dress in the evening).

  2. for as much criticism that lululemon has received in the past several weeks, they do make bottoms (and a few tops) that are absolutely sexy and flattering. i've tried on and even purchased some other brands (i.e. athleta) and am just not happy with the fit... it's all about the fit and you and your butt ;) look amazing. thanks for sharing the pics and reminding me that there's no other...


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