Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lululemon Run:Team Spirit Crop - Coal/Chirp

About 2-3 weeks ago, I noticed that the Lululemon Run:Team Spirit Crop was price adjusted from $86 to $69.  Not all colors though, just the coal/chirp color combo and the black/seniorita pink color combo.  The all black ones and coal/lagoon ones were still at $86.

Well, I had tried on these crops when they first came out a few months ago, but didn't think they were special enough to spend $86 on (I tried the all black version).  They were actually a little shiny on me and since I already have many other Lululemon bottoms, 2 of which very similar (Run:Passion Crop), I felt that I didn't need them.  But at $69 it is definitely a good deal as far as Lululemon bottoms go.  They don't normally go down less than that, well maybe cotton items but not technical items, and NEVER in my size!  So I decided to get them.

I wanted the coal/chirp version because I have always thought grey and yellow were a cute color combo.  Plus my other running tights are black, so it's good to branch out (yeah like grey is soooo different hehe).  But these were sold out so fast in the stores around here as soon as the price went down.  So I had to call the GEC (Guest Education Center) to order them.  They did a check for all the stores in the country and this one store in Chicago had them.  So they were able to ship them to me (for free of course).

I had read reviews about these crops and people saying how they are a lower rise crop, therefore tend to fall down as you run.  It seemed that some people sized down.  I got my regular size though.  Some people also didn't like the ruching on the sides of the butt and thighs because they thought that added pounds to their silhouette.  Well I tend to disagree because I think it's actually really cute and different, and they are subtle enough.  But I also have pretty skinny legs and small butt so maybe that's why.  

I can definitely see how these would fall down as you run though.  They are not that low rise on me, but lower than some of my other Lululemon pants.  I would say they are a medium to high rise on me.  But they were sliding down a little as I was wearing them and testing them out tonight.  But there is a draw string and once I tied it, they stayed in place pretty well.  I have to test them out during my run tomorrow night though.

I love the length of these crops.  They are the same length as the Run:Passion crops on me, which is right below the knee.  They definitely aren't as long as they look on the model above.  They must have stretched them out on the model because I'm only 5'5 - most likely shorter than the model.  And the crops look about 4 inches shorter on me!  This is my favorite length for crops though.  I get all my Lulu crops hemmed to that length because I feel like it elongates my body and legs, and makes my legs look leaner.  So I'm glad I don't need to take these in for hemming!  Excited to try them out tomorrow!  I've been lazy ever since I got back from Tahoe for the weekend and haven't worked out at all.  It's so easy to fall out of routine.  This is great motivation to get back in bright and early tomorrow morning (then again tomorrow night)!!

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