Thursday, February 28, 2013

Latest Nordstrom Purchase

I ordered a few things from Nordstrom a little while ago, and had to exchange some of them for different sizes, so everything arrived, and I am happy to report that I actually really like these Steve Madden Haywire Wedge Sandals that I got!  At first I ordered them in size 6.5, which is my "safe" size to order in most shoes.  But they were so big that as soon as I took them out of the box I knew they wouldn't fit.  They were actually big enough that I almost considered exchanging them for a size 5.5!  But that just sounds way too small, so I opted to exchange for a size 6.  I'm very glad that they ended up being a nice fit!

I really love the way these sandals look, with the whole thing being made of the same material.  I love the natural look, and the color is perfect to go with everything.  I can't wait to wear them with summer dresses and shorts!  The web info states that these are a 4 inch rise with a 1 inch platform, so equivalent to a 3 inch shoe.  They are very comfortable, and at the same time they make me much taller!  I always want to be taller... hehe.  The only thing that might be uncomfortable in the beginning is the buckles which kind of rub against the bone.  But we'll have to see about that.  I love Nordstrom because if they are way too uncomfortable after wearing, I can still take them back for a full refund.  I'm hoping that they'd be just perfect though!  I don't usually like paying full price for stuff, but liked these enough to pay $80 for them!

*****Update per request!!  Here they are on me:

The next thing I got is this Love Squared Mix Media Sequin Camisole.  It was on sale for only $19 and I thought it was a unique look.  The front is made of light peach colored sequins all over, and the back is a totally different floral print.

I got this one in a size S, and it is pretty loose fitting babydoll style.  The back is also a lot longer than the front.  I was surprised that it is pretty see-through.  Like you really should wear a tank under it.  But it's a nice top to throw on, and I am happy to keep it for only $19.

Lastly, I got this Zella Victory Jacket in white that I thought looked so cute on the model.  I read the reviews which all said this was a tight fitting jacket and to size up.  Ok, last time I ordered from Zella and listened to the reviews, I ended up with tanks way too big.  So this time I figured I'd just order the size small.  But when I put it on, it was too big!  So I had to change it for a size XS.  It fits pretty well now, and not even as tight as my Lululemon Define jackets.  

I'm kind of torn about this jacket though.  I do think it's cute, but it is very thin.  The material actually feels a little cheap.  And it costs $98 which is pretty much the same price as a Lululemon jacket.  I don't know why but I feel better forking over $98 for a Lulu jacket than Zella.  Maybe because I know I can resell Lulu on ebay and recoup some of the money if I get over it lol.  But I really think that if this Zella jacket was made of a nicer material that I would keep it, because I do like the style.  I'm still keeping the tags on it for a few days while I think it over, but I think most likely I'm going to return it.


  1. ooooooh can you post pictures of you wearing the Steve Madden wedges?

    1. Sure! I'll update the post right now with my pictures. =)

    2. gorgeous - THANK YOU!! :D

  2. i love the steven madden'shoes!!!


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