Sunday, April 14, 2013

Splits59 Cameron Jacket & Another Pair of Ginger 3/4 Length Tight!

I got a Splits59 jacket!  I have been so impressed with their Ginger and Nova tights, that I wanted to try out a jacket!  I got the Cameron jacket, which is an older style that is no longer sold on their website, in heat/nude color.  It's basically a less saturated looking coral color.  The underside of the sleeves are nude colored mesh on the bottom half (and somewhat shiny), and there is a reflective silver band around the right arm.

I really like the big collar of this jacket.  You can kind of make it stand up like the model has it, but it isn't that stiff so it falls down a bit.  There are 2 side pockets but they are completely hidden when the zipper is closed which is really cool.  The material is 90% supplex and 10% lycra, same as the tights.  And I got it in a size small, which is a loose fit like how it fits the model.  I think a size down would fit, but I would prefer this looser style.  

And I couldn't help but get the mariana blue Ginger tights!  I almost got them when I got the black pair but decided to try out the black ones first.  Now that I know how awesome they are, I had to get them too!  The blue is a very rich color, and I think the mesh overlay on the metallic part on the waistband makes them look super chic!

I think the color on these photos look very true to how they look in real life.  I love them!  I had to get these in size XS though, because the size S was sold out, which is what the black ones I have are.  So the XS is definitely tighter fitting around the waistband, but I can wear them still.  The legs seem pretty similar to me.

I really like the Splits59 line.  Aside from the outstanding fabric, fit, and quality, they just look very cool!  I think this brand is definitely more edgy than most other athletic brands out there, but still wearable.  I read an article last week that compares a bunch of brands, and it said that Splits59 is the one that you go to when you are bored with all the other ones.  I'd have to agree with that!  I'm excited to try out more items from this brand.  The fact that they are locally based in LA and everything is made locally is a plus too!


  1. Have you tried the dusty crops? I'm torn between them and the gingers! I just realized I've bought the ebb & fllows, cw-x crops because of your reviews lol. I'm such a lemming. I just ordered some yogasmoga crops but they are on backorder. My wonder under crops are getting pretty ratty from the spx pilates reformer 3 times a week. I'm trying really hard to break up with lululemon! Thanks and I really enjoy your blog.

    1. I saw the Dusty crops but I didn't try them on because of the tiny waistband. I like wide waistbands like on the Ginger crops because I think they tend to give you a more flattering look. But it looks like the Dusty crops have a zipper pocket and that is nice to have. I guess it's a toss up! You could order both and see which you like better... Their return shipping is free! =)

    2. Oh good call on the wide waistband! Off to order the gingers. Thanks!!

  2. Hi! I love your blog! Not sure if you like full length tights, but the kym tight by splits is great. I have the black and just got the marina blue!


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