Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Alo Sport Sample Sale - Good Scores!! Part 1

As promised, I am now reporting back from my finds at the Alo Sport sample sale last weekend that reader Ms. T kindly clued me in on!  If you missed it, not to worry, they are doing another one this weekend (click link for information about it)!  So I encourage you all to go if you live in the LA area, because the price is really unbeatable.  We are all used to spending so much on clothes, this is almost like they are giving away their stuff for free!  Here's my price sheet from last weekend, I spent about $150 after taxes for a whole bag of stuff!

They had a pretty good collection when I went.  But I went on day 1 of the sale, so I can't speak for how much they have left by now.  However, they do state that new items are added daily.  Can't testify to the truth of that personally either.  The warehouse is huge, and they have lots of items on racks as well as folded on top of tables.  There are no dressing rooms, so you can't really try on tanks.  But there are mirrors everywhere so you can put some jackets or long sleeve tops on in front of them.  I got most items in size small and they all fit pretty true to size.

They have ample parking, and everything was fairly well organized by size.  They are located in Commerce, which is only 15-20 minutes or so (without traffic) east of downtown LA where I work.  They had both women and men items.  Oh and it's mostly Alo Sport but also Bella/Canvas (had never heard of this brand prior to that) items as well.  I might even try and see if I can get back there this weekend too!

I actually saw more non-technical items, such as bamboo or organic cotton tanks, rather than tanks to really sweat in.  But I don't really want to buy tanks without supportive bras anyway, which seems to be what Alo makes.  With these bamboo or cotton tanks, I can wear them to yoga/pilates, or as street wear.  All their material is very very soft and nice to the touch.  

Ok so here are some of the things I got... due to the sheer number of items (I think I got 20 pieces total), I'll post this in different posts!  

I'm wearing the Lululemon Flow Y bra in white under all these pieces, and Splits59 Ginger 3/4 tight for photo purposes.

Bamboo Rev Tank - Love this double layered look of white and yellow!  The color combo is called "natural white/solar".  Material is very soft and nice.  On the thick side.  The length is good, and I love the twisted back.  Size small.

Cowl Neck LS in powder pink.  Extremely soft.  I think it would be nice to throw on as to and from.  I like the light baby pink color.  Size small.

Cowl Neck Two Layer Tank in deep aqua - LOVE this one!  I think the fit is super flattering, it's a nice color and I love the unique back with the cute buttons on the neck.  Not sure what to wear this to though.  Maybe as to/from in the summer time over tanks?!  Or just as street wear.  Extremely soft material again.  Size small.

Cozy Collar Pullover in powder pink.  This is a very thin pullover despite how it may appear in the photo below.  It kind of reminds me of a mix between my Lululemon Don't Hurry Be Happy pullover, and the Ambition Pullover, without hood though.  There are pockets on both sides but not a kangaroo pocket.  You can pull the string of the cowl neck tighter and then fold it under like how I have it below, or you can leave it loose and let it hang like a regular cowl neck.  Size small.

Cross Back Tunic - this is very cute I think.  It can be worn both ways so the V can be at the front or the back.  They had tons of these, in black and hot pink.  I would consider getting it in pink if I go back.  It can almost be worn like a dress, but definitely need boy shorts under.  There's a cute tie around the hips.  I got this in size XS because size S looked big when I held it up.  I think it's a good fit, so this is a size down item in my opinion.

The next tank did not come with a tag, so I don't know what it's called or what the color name is.  But it's another two layer tank, with light pink on the inside and hot pink on the outside.  It's also made of very soft bamboo material.  Shoulders have slight ruching.  Size small.

Draped Front LS in vibrant plum - I love this little thing too!  It reminds me a lot of the style of my Express Oversized Drape Neck pullover.  But instead of being a sweater, it is made of soft bamboo.  And it's 3/4 length sleeve.  It's a very nice thing to put on after a yoga class or something like that.  I love the color too.  Size small.

Hooded Tunic in lipstick/tango.  This color "lipstick" is a very pretty bright pink.  It's made of organic cotton.  The inside of the hood is tango, which is a bright orange color.  If you put the hood on, it will show the detail underneath it on the back which is interesting.  It's thinner than the bamboo material.  Nice fit I think.  Size small.

I don't know the name of the next top either because it did not come with a tag.  It doesn't have a size sticker either!  It fits looser than the other stuff I got so I tend to think it is a size medium.  But that's only my guess!  It's a light lavender colored geometric patterned burnout top - so light that it's almost white with a tinge of lavender.  It's very soft and nice too.

And last item for today - the Rhythm Tank in wisteria, which is a very very pale pink.  You might actually even think it's just white.  It does not have a built in bra even though it looks like it might in the picture.  The front is double layered and the back is single.  I think it's a very pretty tank, and I love how the back knot looks too.  It's bamboo as well, and I think it's almost too nice to workout in.  Though I wouldn't be opposed to wearing it to a barre class or something like that.  Otherwise it would make a very nice tank to wear during the summer with some shorts or a skirt.  I like it a lot.  Size small.

Some pretty good stuff huh??  Most of these tanks are considered "fancy top/tank", so they were $5 instead of $3 for the basic tank.  Long sleeves are $7 and dresses are $10.  These prices make me smile!  

I'll post the rest of my finds tomorrow!


  1. Random question: What is your favorite Lululemon pullover? I'm looking for an "older" style such as the Inspire, Hills, or energy. Thanks!

    1. This is a hard question to answer. I think I may like my Run Brisk the best. It came out in 2009. You can do a search on the right hand side of my blog and it should come up. I did have the Hills pullover but have sold it, not because I didn't like it but because it was the power purple color with contrasting colored stitching, and I tend to prefer solid colors. It also didn't have thumb holes which I thought was weird, so I have to minus a star for that. I really like both the Energy pullover and the Inspire pullover. I think the Energy pullover is slightly shorter than the Inspire, and the collar is not as wide. So I'd vote for the Inspire over the Energy. But note that the Inspire pullover has a band around the upper arm which some people found annoying, like a fallen bra strap that can't be put back. I don't mind it though. I also love the color of my Inspire pullover which is teal zeal. But the Energy and Inspire are very close.


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