Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lululemon Run:Passion Crops

I had gotten the Lululemon Run:Passion Crops when they first came out around Thanksgiving time last year, and I LOVE them!  They are a shorter crop that hit me right below my knees.  Perfect.  I can't stand crops that end at the calves because I feel like they make me look shorter and stockier for some reason.  So I never liked the Run:Empower Crops even though everyone raves about them. 

The Passion Crops are made of luxtreme, which is the same material as the Empower Crops.  They have a cute little side pocket on the left thigh, and they have a higher waist rise.  There is also a draw string that you can use to adjust the tightness of the waist.  They do tend to fall down a little as I exercise, so I always make sure to make the waist really tight.  Otherwise, they are seriously the perfect pair of crops.  They are light but keep the muscles tight and warm at the same time.  They also do an excellent job wicking sweat away.

I got the blue ones and I love how there is a whimsical butterfly thingy on top of the usual Lululemon reflective logo.  This only appears on the blue and pink ones, for some reason.  The other ones only have the regular logo.  The blue ones are also the only ones that have a ring of blue on the bottom of the leg openings.

Well, these crops sold out pretty fast online.  In fact, I don't think the stores near me ever got them.  At least not in fun colors.  Every time I wear them, someone compliments me on them and asks me what they are.  I would have loved to get more colors, but I just couldn't justify $86 on each pair.  They did go on sale for $59 a while later, but only size 10s and 12s left, as usual.  Smaller sizes never go on sale!!!  About a month ago, my gym actually received a shipment of the Passion Crops in pink.  They were regular price though, so I passed.

Ok so when I saw the purple ones on ebay the other day, I just had to get them.  They were listed buy it now at $49.  Not bad.  I did have to pay a little more than I liked for shipping since they were being shipped from Canada.  But I figured it was now or never!  I was sure somebody would have snatched them up fast.  Besides, purple is the color I would have gotten instead of the blue ones.  The only reason I got blue was because of the whimsical thingy which I loved.  I do think purple is a very pretty color though, and would go especially well with my new Cool Racerback in lavender!

I know that some people do not like the V lines on the back of these crops because they draw attention to the rear end.  But I actually think they serve as a slimming effect.  Either way I don't mind them.

I'm glad that I now own two of the Passion crops!  My first pair sure does get a lot of use.  So I'm sure the new ones will too.  I plan to wear them to the LA Marathon 5K this Saturday!  I did think twice about having the same pair of crops in different colors.  But I've been looking for a different style that was better or comparable to the Passion crops and they just simply don't exist.  So... I have to assume that they are the best crops out there right now!

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